So, you are feeling a little bit sorry for yourself? You have watc..."/>
So, you are feeling a little bit sorry for yourself? You have watc..."/>

UK Basketball: Fighting The Summertime Blues


So, you are feeling a little bit sorry for yourself? You have watched every DVR copy of last year’s games over and over, got them all transferred to DVD and placed carefully in the archives, looked over everything you can to review last year and where we came up short, and sent your suggestions to Coach Cal, and now you say to yourself, what am I gonna do for the next Four months??? Fear not, Oh Faithful One, I shall endeavor to help you with your problem.

So, it is now July, you shot off all of your fireworks ( and several rounds of ammunition), and you are feeling like it is now simply going to be a couple of months of sweating through the dog days of summer? Nooooooooo. We have things to do. We must prepare, we must be ever vigilant in our battle against the enemies of the BBN.

First: Hit every enemy website in search of details which we may use to send those who would seek to do us harm back to the nether regions from whence they came. Look for chinks in their armor, rumors, innuendo, anything we can use against them up until game time. These will need to be catalogued and saved for future use, as well as forwarded to Coach Cal for his perusal.

Second: Know your Wildcats. Study these incoming Freshmen and their histories, so you will know their tendencies and know who will be coming and going from the game, based upon their performance history. Then look for ways they can be integrated into the existing roster ( small attempt at humor there).

Third: Take a drive around campus. Get yourself up to speed on changes in parking, traffic patterns, and even the latest restaurants and joints in which you can share your fandom with the rest of the Big Blue Nation.

Fourth: Check the record books. Know what records are ripe to fall, and who will be breaking them. Always know when a major event in Wildcat history is about to happen.

Fifth: Update your “number of years” as a Wildcat fan on all of your status pages for Facebook, Yahoo, etc.

Sixth: Compare all of the teams historically in UK lore. Have fun with 1998 Vs. 1996, or 1949 Vs. 1966. You know the drill. But now we have a fun twist to add to these comparisons and discussions. What if John Calipari were coaching these teams?

Seventh: Retire any UK sportswear that is no longer appropriate or is simply too worn to be considered decent. Those UK sweats from 1979 are classics, but that hole in the seat is not something you need to share with the rest of the world. ( Some of these items make great wall art for your Big Blue Room)

Eighth: Send an E-mail to Rick Majerus and see if he might be interested in coaching UL. Another tough year over on the river, and they might just consider it.

Ninth: Call a Tennessee fan to gloat (‘Nuff Said)

Tenth: If you are an out of state UK fan, seriously consider moving back. We need to shore up the borders a little.

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