I'm swelling with patri..."/>
I'm swelling with patri..."/>

Why I Love America: WBN 2011


I’m swelling with patriotic mucus!!*

*if you get this reference you’re good in my book

Happy Freedom Day, Earth people. As many of you may or may not know (I don’t know what our international numbers look like), today is the Independence Day of the United States. No matter what political party you affiliate yourself with, how you feel about issues that divide our parties, one day we can come together and agree that America kicks all kinds of ass. This year I am going to be listing the reasons why this year kicked ass to be an American. This list is completely biased and should make no sense to anyone.

The Fall of Tennessee/Ohio State

You can complain all you want about the NCAA (and you would be validated),but they are a governing body like any other and will have discrepancies and will move slowly, but they are a uniquely American system and allow us to enjoy collegiate athletics. One other thing Americans love is a winner. OSU is undeniably an historically elite program, and I’m sure at one point they were doing it in an honest fashion, but it hasn’t happened in a long time and seeing the system slowly but surely bury them is one thing that makes me proud to be an American. Add the fact that Tennessee is about to get the hammer laid down on them as well?….It’s a great day to be a fan of the system.

Chilean Miners

This didn’t happen in America, it didn’t involve any Americans, so why put it on here? Because NASA helped greatly in keeping the miners alive and rescuing them. NASA is one of the coolest things about this country, and the fact that it has provided science fiction fodder for generations AND put a man on the moon, it has provided a lot of appliances and technology for products you use every day and can collectivize to save another human. For 69 days NASA worked with governments and ensured that when crises occurs, America can come in and save the day. Plus it’s non-military, proof that good can be achieved without military intervention.

The Underdogs Won

The one thing Americans love more than a winner is an underdog. Every year in March America falls in love with another scrappy team that defies odds to beat the evil empires( whichever your evil empire may be). While last year’s team (or Kentucky in general) will never be considered an underdog, last years team will always be considered the underdog of the Calipari era. It wasn’t considered Cal’s best class, sandwiched between two mega classes, these guys were as scrappy as you can get, losing in a most spectacular fashion many times and inspiring anguish rarely matched in normal life. But when the big stage was set, these guys showed up and performed out of their minds, cementing their status as true scrappers and earning my respect.

Now that I’ve gotten you patriotism glands are swollen, let me get some things off my chest that are not so awesome.

1. Political squabbling- Lets stop all the strong arm BS and actually start working together.
2. Reality TV- Enough already
3. Old people complaining about using black football jerseys- The issue has gotten ridiculous. Nobody complained when the basketball team used black jerseys in honor of the late great Bill Keightly ; in fact, they loved them. Do we have to kill Rich Brooks to get a black jersey? We missed a golden opportunity when we didn’t break them out for the Halloween game a few years ago. Can we finally move into the alternate jersey future. Not Oregon “We have a new jersey every week” kind of thing, but a little out there.

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