Washington Post Reveals that John Wall's Father Committed Murder


Today the Washington Post, a paper I wouldn’t use to line a bird cage, revealed that John Wall’s father, John Carroll Wall murdered his 26 year old housewife, shooting her in the head following an argument. That terrible deed was committed before John Wall was ever born. For that reason, John never knew what his father did. His mother never told him. And really there was no need for her to tell him. In fact John only recently learned of his father’s past after it was revealed to him by a Washington Post reporter.

Some might say that John’s mother should have revealed that to her son much earlier, but that’s a mother’s decision to make. But it was completely inappropriate for a reporter to reveal it to John as part of an interview. While that might be great reporting and while it might get your name in the news as the reporter who told Wall about his father to record his reaction it’s also in every way a heartless thing to do. Well be it known here, that I will not mention said reporter’s name because that’s exactly what he wants, to make a name for himself.

Sometimes there are things far more important than a career, than ambition. Sometimes a person should be a human being before a reporter. How horrendous a thing to discover from a reporter, that your father was a murderer and especially around Father’s Day. This is one of the most disgusting things I have ever read. If the reporter wanted to tell the story fine, but he should not have been the man to reveal Wall’s father’s past. He should have consulted with his mother or his coach John Calipari, or one of his “handlers” former coaches Brian and Dwon Clifton. Talk to someone tell them you’re going to break the story and ask if they would like to let John know the story is coming. What this reporter did is absolutely appalling.

I wish him nothing but a career of mediocrity. Oh by the way, Washington is of course he team that will be drafting John Wall with the number one overall pick, so this reporter should get plenty of other opportunities to exploit John Wall’s misfortunes for his gain. Great reporting “Drive by Media”. Of course this kind of crap is what the Washington Post is known for. Why should we expect anything different in this case?

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