The countdown has begun and K..."/>
The countdown has begun and K..."/>

UK's Cousins, Georgia Tech's Favors ready for 'one-on-one' in front of New Jersey Nets personnel


The countdown has begun and Kentucky fans are salivating at the idea of a ‘one-on-one’ between two elite NBA prospects that will take place June 21, 2010.

There has been plenty of speculation on whether Kentucky’s DeMarcus Cousins or Georgia Tech’s Derrick Favors is the best big man in the country. The two will go head-to-head Monday in front of the New Jersey Nets top personnel, deciding the fate of each other’s draft stock and where they will be positioned within the 2010 NBA Draft.

Cousins is a beast on the low-block, averaging 15.9 points and 9.8 rebounds per game for the Kentucky Wildcats while helping bring the ‘Cats back to the top of the basketball pyramid. Despite not making the Final Four, Cousins was able to make a statement on and off the court during his only year in college. Cousins clearly made a statement on the court with memorable games against Mississippi State—the ‘call me’ gesture and game winning SEC Tournament shot—captivating the nation. Off the court, Cousins displayed a maturity level and humbleness that many had not seen from the youngster.

‘Experts’ might tell you something differently, which has been in the headlines since Cousins first stepped on the court in Rupp Arena, but Big Blue Nation fans know the ‘real’ Cousins and what he will do at the next level.

Favors is also a beast, but possesses qualities that Cousins doesn’t and vice versa. Favors averaged 12.6 points and 8.4 rebounds per game for Georgia Tech, while displaying plenty of ‘game’ for NBA general managers to notice. Favors didn’t make quite the splash on the college scene like Cousins, but still has a ton of upside which catches scouts and general managers eyes. He has a strong body around the basket and could team up well with current center and Stanford alum Brooke Lopez. Georgia Tech didn’t have quite the season Kentucky did, but Favors made an impact in college basketball nonetheless.

So, what can we expect from Monday’s one-on-one work out between the two freshmen superstars?

For one, we can expect a lot of ‘inside-game’ as both big-men try to dominate the low-post area during the work out. Cousins, because of his physique, should be able to push Favors around in the paint. Favors on the other hand has a bit more quickness to his game, so it will be interesting to see whether he can get around Cousins on the offensive side of the ball. All in all, it should be a fairly even matchup making it even harder for NBA personnel to decide who they want to select.

One interesting piece of news that came out earlier today; the Philadelphia Sixers have traded Samuel Dalembert to the Sacramento Kings for Andres Nocioni and Spencer Hawes.

How does that affect Cousins?

The Kings are widely believed to have an interest in Cousins. Will the acquisition of Dalembert steer the Kings in another direction? It may also ensure that the Sixers choose Ohio State’s Evan Turner instead of picking someone like Cousins or Favors. If Cousins puts on a show, then he could possibly move up in the draft and play for the Nets side-by-side with Lopez in the post.

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