The "Royce White" to Kentucky rumor heats up: Is he too big a talent for Calipari to pass up?


by Paul Jordan

I know that yesterday John Calipari made some statements that Kentucky may still add a player to this years recruiting class. And Calipari has turned into the NCAA basketball incarnation of EF Hutton: when he speaks, people listen. And the Internet springs forward with a bountiful harvest of rumors and speculation. Today is no different. The Royce White watch is officially on.

About a month and a half ago, I touched on the Royce White rumors that were rampant and the story seemed to have no buzz. But now, it seems to have taken on new life and it is not a Kentucky source that is fanning the flames here. Because of that, I pay it a bit more attention, knowing it wasn’t a rumor thrown out there simply because Calipari said he may sign someone.

Myron P Medcalf, the college basketball guy for the Star Trubune in Minneapolis, sent out a couple of tweets last night that got the attention of the BBN:

Don’t get confused about Royce White’s status. He can’t use summer school to become eligible for fall semester, according to NCAA reps.
about 11 hours ago via web

J.T. Bruett, U’s compliance director, says White is not eligible to receive aide for fall semester. An NCAA waiver could change that.
about 11 hours ago via web

I’m told Royce White “narrowing in” on Kentucky. Mutual interest. Guy wants to go pro. Calipari sends guys to the pros early. Makes sense.
about 11 hours ago via web

But remember. There are eligibility issues for White right now.
about 11 hours ago via web

So it appears that White may be an option for UK’s frontcourt this year and the most likely scenario has him being eligible in the spring. To be honest, I do not know the particulars of his academic work but it sounds like he could do the enroll this year, get his grades in order, and play next year route as well. I can’t say I hate the idea. White is an obvious talent that can provide a nice insurance package next year should Jones and Kanter go to the NBA early.
And yes, I know the character stories on White will come out. And the character stories on Calipari will come out again. And I have resigned myself to the fact that defending Calipari will be a 365 day a job for Kentucky fans, so bring it on. If White to UK does become a reality, I have enough faith in Calipari and UK’s brass to know that their due diligence was done in the matter. It’s not up to me to trash some college kid.
That aside, you have to be a bit excited about White as you find out more about him. Consider this story from Medcalf where he writes on how Michael Jordan’s trainer says White will eventually be a first round NBA pick. On the surface, this could be a pickup that makes a lot of sense.
Let’s see how it goes.

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