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One year later: the Wildcat Blue Nation emerges


Yes, it’s Happy Birthday to us

I had not so lofty goals a year ago when I first started a little blog called “Wildcat Blue In a Sea of Orange”. I intended it as a way to get some Gator-bashing in and live out a dream of being a sportswriter and maybe entertain some Kentucky fans along the way. I set a goal in my mind that I would keep up with the blog if I could manage 50 readers a day. But then a funny thing happened. People actually started reading it and it grew. I came up with a logo and the Wildcat Blue Blog” was born.

During the next few months, I started to persuade others to write for me, and our numbers grew, as well as the people that followed us. Instead of just myself in Florida, I now had a solid network of writers in the Bluegrass as well. So time came for changes.

If you look around, you see some changes to your beloved “Wildcat Blue Blog”. We are, as of today, no longer a blog. A blog is just one guy writing in his parent’s basement (or so I am told by the hatemail I receive), but what this site has become is a representation of the Big Blue Nation … hence we are the Wildcat Blue Nation. (Thanks to my sister in law Meghan for the new logo) Gone are the Florida references as well. We are a site for the Bluegrass and not just for gator bashing anymore. The gator bashing will continue of course …. but we will try to bring you the best coverage of Kentucky basketball football and rumors.

And now is as good a time as any to do the whole writer’s rundown and give my writers a little bit of credit and glory … since they are not getting paid:

KYLEHey everyone, My name’s Kyle and I’ll be bringing you your football fix here on the Wildcat Blue Nation. I’ll cover the current team, player news, coaching news, recruiting, upcoming games, and anything else pertaining to the gridiron Cats. I’ve been a follower of the football program at Kentucky for years and am very excited to help bring our readers all of the latest pigskin news for free. If there is ever something football related you’d like me to cover here, send me an email to I look forward to bringing some news, knowledge, and insight to this site.

ZACH ROSEN – Zach is an educator and international man of mystery. A native of Kentucky, he attended the University of Kentucky and played lacrosse, lettering two years. His interests include skinny skiing, hiking, and being the loudest person in the stands at UK sporting events. When not covering and analyzing UK sports, Zach expands his influence in the recruiting world and hangs out with international models.

ANDREW HARDISONAndrew is yet another Kentucky alum and is now residing in the Windy City. Of all the other writers, Andrew has been with this site the longest and does great work, even though he juggles another site and job.

ALAN SMITH – I was born in Lexington and was raised in between Lexington and Boone County before moving to South Florida. Besides blogging, I was also a manager for my high school basketball team this season, Cypress Bay High. I am probably the most die hard UK fan around here, and possibly one of the only ones. I enjoy writing and hope it will take me places, as I am going to the University of Louisville in August. I hope to transfer to UK eventually and obtain my degree from there. I am still undecided in what I would like to study. I also aspire to become a manager at UK, but I dont know if that will happen. Crazier things have happened at UK though.

COREY PRICE – I’m born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. I am 24, almost 25, years old and a University Of Kentucky graduate (May 2008) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. I’ve been a die-hard UK fan ever since birth and my blood will forever bleed blue. Acquiring a math degree, I love to deal with numbers and statistics, hence why I love doing the Inside The Numbers posts. My dream job would be a statistician for any UK athletics program.

And today marks the debut of our newest staff member to the Wildcat Blue Nation, Jared Quillen. I have been trying to get him to join up for a while and I guess he got tired of the thinly veiled threats and joined up. So allow Jared to introduce himself:

Name: Jared Quillen
Age: 31
Favorite Food: French Fries.

I was born in Ashland, Kentucky. My dad opened a Putt-Putt golf course there in 1980. He also dated Naomi Judd for a bit in high school. That was before she was famous. In 1983 my dad joined the Air Force and we moved to Oklahoma then England then Colorado. I then went to Brazil for two years to serve a mission. Upon returning I enrolled at Utah State University where I enjoyed some quality mid-major basketball for seven years. I changed my major once or twice. I then went to work for Kentucky Fried Chicken as an accountant in Salt Lake City for three years before finally returning to My Old Kentucky Home for an MBA at UK. Last year I was able to attend every game but the Florida game.

Achievements: I was once student of the week at my high school for bowling a 286. I never actually did that. It was all a sham.

Stay tuned to the Wildcat Blue Nation as we continue to grow. We will be doing a site design change and change the domain in the next few months. If there is anything that you would like to see this site do that we are currently not, please shoot me an email at We look forward to growing with you.

Thanks for the support, BBN.

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