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Terrence Jones "Day of Reckoning 2"


Sometime today, somewhere in the Great Northwest, Terrence Jones will presumably sit with his family and sign some documents indicating where he will go to college next year. And to be honest, in this 24/7, 365 recruiting cycle we have fueled by Twitter, Facebook, Rivals, and Scout, this is all we really know.

Speculation runs rampant but the truth is no one, including the respective coaching staffs really knows what will happen. No one knows if Jones is planning to sign a LOI, or financial aid papers … or for that matter, two sets of financial aid papers.

There appears to be some rumors among the twitter set saying that Terrence Jones was on the Washington campus today, but there has been no confirmation of this in print that I can find. Terrence Jone’s HS coach Pat Strickland thinks that Jones will be a Husky and gives this quote:

I’ve been talking with him the last couple of days — with him and his mom — and he told me he’ll get it done (Wednesday), and in my opinion, I think he’ll choose Washington,” Strickland said Tuesday night. “Kentucky is a great institution, but I just think at the end of the day Terrence will choose a situation where the guys that are coming back on the team are familiar with winning.

“And that’s the unknown factor with Kentucky. Yeah, they’ve got blue-chip players and everything, but it’s still an unknown factor that they’re going to pan out on the college level.”

Kind of sounds like a biased quote from me and some shaky decision making if this is the case. Sure, the Huskies have a shot to be a good team but in this analysis, you are weighing a 26-10 core group from a weak Pac 10 versus the coach that has already taken a whole group of newcomers to a 35-3 record and #5 ranking … and sent five players to the NBA in the process.

I’m sure Strickland did not explain it that way ….

Despite all the good feelings from Washington, I have heard that Kentucky is equally confident. It should be an interesting day. But what if the Magic do not get Jones?

Kadeem Jack is one of the names that can provide some depth on the roster but both Kentucky and North Carolina got into the chase late and you wonder if it will be enough to sway Jack from the teams that recruited him all along. Here he talks a bit about his recruitment:

Kentucky has been linked with a few other names, such as Remi Dibo. Dibo visited Lexington a couple of weeks ago,and currently has Kentucky listed along with St. Bonaventure, Drexel, and Duquesne.

You would think that if Kentucky does receive LOI’s from Dibo, or Jack, they would not accept them until Jones to Washington is a certainty. Jones to UK should certainly close the doors on the recruiting process and save two scholarships for that 2011 class. If not …. Vargas and Kanter are a very viable frontcourt and Kentucky is still a solid sweet 16 team… and then some.

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