Aren't we tired of hearing rumors a..."/>

Aren't we tired of hearing rumors a..."/>

Kentucky fans should not be concerned with the Enes Kanter slime created by opposing fanbases


by Alan Smith

Aren’t we tired of hearing rumors about recruits by now? Kentucky fans probably are fed up, but fans of opposing schools just can’t get enough of the “Enes Envy”. This latest piece of gossip comes in the form of an article by, a website from the Seattle area. They have posted the same picture that you see above, in which they claim that John Calipari is up to no good again. Enes Kanter is seen in the photo driving an $85k Volvo, which is a pretty expensive car. It was made out in the article that the car was simply a rental, but Calipari has still managed to show off his “slick” side by rewarding recruits with things such as this.

The question I have is, why do opposing teams’ fans continue to worry about Kentucky’s recruits constantly. For one, this car is a rental, it’s not like Calipari bought him the car to lure him to Kentucky like everyone would like to think. Kanter’s father is also a reknown doctor in Turkey, obviously any doctor makes good money nowadays. Why wouldn’t he buy his son a car, or rent one for him in this case?

Just by looking at the scenery in the picture, one can automatically tell that this did not take place in Lexington or anywhere in Kentucky. It is most likely in California, where Kanter attended prep school. And why would a Washington website report this information, considering that they recruited Kanter for some time and he had verbally committed to them, possibly at the same time this photo was taken. And last, it isn’t that big of a deal if you are 17 and drive a nice car. I’m 18, and if you go to my high school or most others in the South Florida area, you are bound to find hundreds of nice cars such as ther, and they aren’t rental cars either.

I think, if anything, opposing teams’ fans are having trouble to find anything credible worth reading or writing about. Therefore, they make up more gossip and rumors such as this one. John Calipari has never been accused of sending gifts to players, such as Roy Williams for example. If these opposing fanbases weren’t so concerned about Kentucky, maybe they could actually pay attention to their one recruits for once instead of letting them run off to Lexington.

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