It's amazing how much Twitter has ..."/>
It's amazing how much Twitter has ..."/>

Is a 2011 recruit announcing today? Plus it may be a long wait for Terrence Jones


by Paul Jordan

It’s amazing how much Twitter has turned into a viable news source (or has it?), so this may be something or it may not. Northstarbball sent out a tweet last night that read:

High-major 2011 commitment coming tomorrow. Don’t want to steal the player’s moment so I’ll wait to write about it until he commits.

Just got a text that would make alot of people happy to read.

All of this may be nothing …. or it may be something and not Kentucky related at all. None of the major recruiting players are on to this “great news” yet, so it may just be twiter nonsense. It does not appear to be about UK’s 2011 class as Tony Wroten is not yapping about it.


Still no official news coming out on the Terrence Jones saga, which is still in Day 6. There are lots of interesting viewpoints coming from the Pacific Northwest and not all of them are rabid Husky fans, eager to avenge the loss of Enes Kanter by dragging Calipari’s name through the mud. Jim Moore of the Seattle Post Intelligencer thinks that this will not be resolved until May 19, and as a Washington State Cougars fan, has an interesting take on the situation:

Here’s the thing I get a kick out of — Husky fans are going out of their way to trash the Kentucky coach, assuming that he’s up to something sneaky because he’s John Calipari, and that’s how he operates. As that pertains to Jones, maybe it’s true, maybe it isn’t. Maybe he’s still giving him the hard sell, or maybe Jones is just wrestling with his own uncertainty.

I don’t blame Husky fans for disliking Calipari — he’s already swooped in and taken Enes Kanter, a Turkish sensation who had verbally committed to Washington.

But for argument’s sake, what if Jones had put on a Kentucky cap during his news conference and didn’t sign his letter of intent and was torn with his decision? And what if he called UW coach Lorenzo Romar and had the same “pained” look on his face that he had when he talked to Calipari? Who would be saying what in the chat rooms then?

Washington fans would be holding out hope, and Kentucky fans would be wondering about Romar and what he might have said to Jones in that phone conversation. Romar said when a player verbally commits to another school, the coach congratulates him and that’s that. But Jones probably would have felt guilty talking to him anyway.

We believe Romar when he says these things because we consider him to be a man of integrity. We don’t believe Calipari because of past transgressions even though he told the Lexington Courier-Journal that he lays off recruits who have verbally committed elsewhere unless the kid has publicly de-committed. That might be total B.S. or partial B.S., but how are we to know for sure?

And of now, I still think no one knows anything still. Not even Jones. Strap yourself in Cat fans, its going to be a rollercoaster ride.

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