by Paul Jordan
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Studying the Terrence Jones commitment video is becoming a "Zapruder film" like obsession for Kentucky fans


by Paul Jordan

We all recall the Zapruder film and remember the grainy black and white images that detail the moments of JFK’s assassination. Anyone that saw the movie “JFK” recalls the Kevin Costner character poring over the film and looking for any type of clues….

Now some 45 years later or so, Wildcat fans have their own Zapruder film of sorts to pore over while waiting for the people in Oregon to wake the hell up and let us know what is going on with the Terrence Jones decision. Damn time zone difference.

Since it is roughly 5:30AM out west, I assume any resolution in this Jones recruitment will be a few hours away, so in the mean time, I present to you the Terrence Jones video to pour over.

Jones enters the video at the 7:00 mark and immediately seems genuinely undecided. He has a few emotional minutes and then starts what seems to be a time killing strategy of talking about each of the six schools and gives some props out to all the the coaches recruiting him. He then admits that he has no idea of what he is going to do and after some nervous laughter, runs his hands across the line of hats and grabs the Washington Huskie hat.

At the time, I thought that all of this was just to build up the drama of the moment but as it turns out, Jones admitted he really had no clue who he was going to pick until he grabbed the hat. Jone’s mom was obviously thrilled with the announcement, but you think she would be thrilled by any decision. The man to Jone’s right, who was referred to as “A.J” and who I assume to be a family member seems pretty stunned by the decision. He does not really applaud when the announcement was made. And if you notice in the back, Terrence Ross seems shocked (and thrilled) by the decision as well.

And normally, this would be the end of the recruitment saga. Once the hat was chosen, the story is done. But here is what we know happened after the cameras went off…

  • Terrence apparently called John Calipari and informed him he was still unsure of the decision and he talked to John Calipari for a good 15 minutes.
  • Then the Jones family huddled in the corner of the gym and had a serious looking talk amongst themselves.
  • Terrence Jones later deleted the twitter texts that mentioned he was a Huskie
  • Terrence Ross updated his Facebook status to say that “at least one of the Terrences would still be coming” to Washington
  • UK assistant coach Orlando Antigua, a key figure in the Jones recruitment sent out a twitter text that read “(Refuse to Lose)RTL….., Til the battle is won ! let’s go BBN” and then about an hour after that, knowing the the BBN was in near hysteria sent out another that read “ These are all Uk saying . Easy big blue , u guys r crazy”. No I have no clue what the second means either but I know that O was spotted at some Derby parties so he was likely feeling pretty good at this point.
  • Jeff Drummond of Kentucky Ink sent out another cryptic tweet that verified something was afoot that said: Have reason to believe Terrence may still speaking with the UK staff late tonight. Just had a weird (and brief) comment from him

And that is about it from now. No one has tweeted or spoke for about eight hours or so, but I assume that news will be coming out later today so stay tuned …

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