The only thing for sure in the Marquis ..."/>
The only thing for sure in the Marquis ..."/>

Marquis Teague brings drama back to the commitment announcement


by Paul Jordan

The only thing for sure in the Marquis Teague recruitment is that nothing is for sure. The rumors have been white hot over the last 24-48 hours and it has basically evolved into a Rick Pitino/John Calipari tug of war. Even long time Kentucky correspondents such as Larry Vaught are equally mystified on this decision, reporting that Teague was a UK lean one day and then following up that up and saying that the indications are that Teague will pick Louisville.

Cat fans should not concede Teague to Louisville by any means. John Calipari will be in Indianapolis today to evaluate Teague and you can bet that the “Teague will be a Wildcat” rumors will start to leak out again shortly after Cal’s meeting with Teague.

In a way, it is kind of refreshing as the drama had slipped out of the Knight, Selby, and Lamb announcements a few day before the announcement. This Teague announcement will have everyone glued to the internet tomorrow, as of right now, there are no plans to televise the announcement (that may change as well) and the next 28 hours will be full of drama and intrigue. Our own Alan Smith will be covering the decision tomorrow, so you know where to set your browser.

It has been said several times that this decision will impact Rick Pitino and Louisville a lot more than Kentucky. And that is true. The status of Louisville recruiting has been one of disarray for the last year with several recruits leaving the Ville and Calipari has been causing Pitino to fight for even walkons like Elisha Justice. Rick Pitino has spent the last two years recruiting Teague and his Louisville decision has been expected for nearly a year. Calipari has come on strong the last 6-8 months and has caused Pitino to use lots of time, energy, and resources on a recruit that is the son of a former player. Landing the legacy recruit Teague should have been a slam dunk for Pitino months ago. The fact that it is not only speaks to the impact of Cal’s influence for UK in the past year. John Clay has a pretty good article on how UK wants Teague, but UL needs him.

Another important thing to realize is that when Teague announces, it will be just a verbal commitment. The recruitment of Teague is far from over and all a verbal commitment will do is give fans a warm and fuzzy feeling until a LOI or other paperwork is signed, presumably in November. If Teague choses the Cards, the Kentucky rumors will persist … and vice versa.

Even if Teague choses the Ville, Calipari has plenty of options for the 2011 point guard. For one, Brandon Knight seems like anything but a typical one and done and there is speculation tht he will stay for at least two seasons. In addition, 2011 PG Quinn Cook has announced that Kentucky will be his first visit, and Tony Wroten will remain an option for the Cats as well.

The only thing for sure about Teague is that nothing is for sure. Relax Wildcat fans, it’s going to be a bumpy ride….

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