Gear up Wildcat fans, this week promise..."/>
Gear up Wildcat fans, this week promise..."/>

The week ahead promises to be insane for both Kentucky Wildcat football and basketball


by Paul Jordan

Gear up Wildcat fans, this week promises to be as hectic and hopefully as fruitful as last week which saw UK gain commitments from THREE recruits. How can this week get any better? Well this is also a big week for UK football as well, so throwing two sports into the mix can make for a very eventful week. Let’s take a look:

Nothing set on the calendar yet, but there are a couple of things that could happen in these three days:

C.J. Leslie announcement – You get the feeling we are getting close on this one. After being told to “stay away” by the Gators, C.J. made plans to visit UConn, but you get the feeling it was not a sincere offer and there is not a lot of interest in being a Huskie. Word from the Jordan classic has C.J. liking Kentucky … a lot. NC State is going to give us a battle, but this could be an early week present for John Calipari’s class and it would fill a huge hole on the 2010-2011 roster. Or we can wait another two weeks for C.J. to decide. I am hearing this will now be sooner rather than later.

Patrick Patterson announcement – This will happen sometime this week, but no date has been set. The deadline to announce for the NBA Draft is April 25th and the general feeling is that Patrick will be bidding adieu to the Wildcats. The most likely date for this would be the later part of the week, most likely Friday or Saturday, but it can be at any time.

Marquis Teague announcement – No time is set for this and this type of event is usually on ESPN-U in the afternoon hours on that dreadful recruiting show, but a quick glance ahead at the schedule shows the U having a NFL Draft program at 5PM Thursday. As soon as we find when and where this will be televised, we will let you know. At stake is Calipari continuing to build on a monster 2011 class or Rick Pitino trying to stay relevant in Kentucky and keep the UK/UL battle interesting rather than turning into a UK domination.

NFL Draft – Round one will be live on ESPN. No Wildcats are expected to be picked Thursday Night, but the first round is always an event.

Terrence Jones/Terrence Ross decision – Not saying it will happen, but this is the first possible date that Jones set as a decision. I am not sure if these guys are planning to be part of a dual announcement but that leaves Kansas out of the equation as Kansas only has one scholarship remaining. If both Terrences are still planning to go to the same school, it appears to be between UK, Washington, and Oregon. Of those three, there are questions if the Huskies have the scholarships for both and the Ducks still are coachless. If Jones does not announce this Friday, it will be on the 30th.

NFL Draft – Round two and three continue. There is an outside shot to hear a UK name tonight.

Kentucky Blue/White Game – Kentucky football has it’s spring finale at Commonwealth Stadium. Wonder if UK fans can break last year’s record attendance.

NFL Draft – Rounds 4, 5, 6, and 7. There is a good chance to hear 3-4 UK names called during the middle to late rounds.

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