We'll take a look at the possible UK roster news in just a sec, but this has to be m..."/> We'll take a look at the possible UK roster news in just a sec, but this has to be m..."/>

UK's roster is set for 2009, but Cal already working on 2010


We’ll take a look at the possible UK roster news in just a sec, but this has to be my favorite news from the NBA Draft.

We can just call it “Awkward much?” The picture above is a proposed seating chart from the NBA Draft on Thursday. As you can see, Pitino was seated in front of Calipari at the draft and while Pitino took his seat eventually, Cal avoided the drama. Although both coaches profess not to hate each other, it’s apparent no love is lost. How juicy is this rivalry again? Awesome.

The big news in UK – land today concern Calipari’s comments in an interview with WKYT-TV 27. In it. Cal said that the roster was finally set and that he did not anticipate filling that much talked about 13th scholarship. He said that it is hard to find enough playing time to keep 13 players happy and that said that most hears “we are going to have 11 to 12” scholarship players. Calipari added that right now UK has 12 players and could have 11 when the season starts saying “you never know”.

Some bloggers are dissecting this quote and starting the speculation, but there is no need for that. Calipari said it in a very off the cuff manner saying that he has played with less players.

And let’s leave it at that. You never know what happens. No reason to over speculate or read into every word Calipari says. I don’t think there is a nefarious scheme to get rid of a player, but there is always a possibility that someone may not make the grade academically or something like that. As of now, I think Calipari is happy with the 12 players he has and is ready to go.

News did just come out that Duke transfer Eliot Williams did make his decision to transfer to Memphis to be closer to his sick mother. I don’t really see it as a loss for UK as Calipari did not seem to show that much interest. The big thing is that Williams did not go to either Tennessee or Vandy, so like I said the other day, a win for Memphis is a win for UK in that aspect.

Another interesting rumor, advanced by Matt Jones at http://www.kentuckysportsradio.com/ in a twitter text is that Matt Pilgrim may be transferring to Memphis as well. No word on whether that is speculation or not, but if so, there is a very real possibility Lance Stephenson may be school less this fall. There is late news now though that Cincinnati is a very late player in the Stephensen sweepstakes so that drama continues.

The Doron Lamb watch continues, and the rumor is strong that a commitment to UK is coming in the next week or so. The latest from Doron’s mouth is that he is going to make a few more visits as well.

Dustin Rumbaugh of KentuckySportsRadio also has some interesting speculation on Kyrie Irving. He thinks that there is more interest in UK than initially believed and that UK may be on a co-leader status with Indiana. It’s interesting to speculate and Rod Strickland is his godfather. Irving hopes to make his decision by the fall.

Last bit of info today is that Calipari has offered a scholarship to the number 1 player in the 2012 class, Perry Ellis. Calipari has made two offers to Ellis, one of them while at Memphis. Kansas has also made an offer.

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