Sorry Wildcat fans, not a UK related blog as 95% of these are, but I have to be allowed ..."/> Sorry Wildcat fans, not a UK related blog as 95% of these are, but I have to be allowed ..."/>

The Magic need another Dennis Rodman …..


Sorry Wildcat fans, not a UK related blog as 95% of these are, but I have to be allowed an occasional indulgence so tonight, I am posting on my hometown Orlando magic….

So with Vinsanity, coming to Orlando, the Magic have pretty much resigned themselves to losing free agent Hedo Turkoglu. And that’s fine with me. I loved Hedo and all he did for the Magic and hope he gets the payday he so finely deserves, but I think the signing of Vince Carter was a brilliant move.

For one, it replaces the scoring void that would be left if Hedo did leave town. The Magic are sporting a starting line up now of PG Jameer Nelson, SG Vince Carter, SF Rahard Lewis, and C Dwight Howard. Those are four guys there that are going to average 16-20 points a game next year and arguably gives the Magic the most feared scoring starting lineup in the NBA.

Secondly, I love the move because it allows Rashard to move back to his SF position and he will absolutely dominate next year. After two years of playing out of position at PF, he can finally post up against SF’s instead of bruising PF’s. This is going to be huge for both he and the Magic. I have been critical of the Magic brass in the past but they saw how they Magic were exposed by the Lakers and saw how they need a true PF badass in the lineup.

The Magic have had to play the last two years with two SF’s (Hedo and Rashard) and allowing Rashard to go back to the SF and getting a TRUE PF will open up both Howard’s game and three 3 point shooters.

The perfect solution would be to go back to 1998 and bring back a younger Dennis Rodman. Imagine Rodman pulling down 20 boards a night and the 4 scorers in the lineup. You would be looking a a three peat for the Magic for sure. But even that is needed, All the Magic need is the equivalent of a hockey goon to throw some hard fouls when needed and protect the players.

Top of my wishlist is Ron Artest. He is a the closest thing to a Rodman type with a much better offensive game. I know he is technically a small forward, but Artest can play with a big man’s mentality and in the late Houston season, showed to be a leader. He has the attitude to be an enforcer and has the ability to score as well. I would love to see Artest throw in 12 points and 12 boards a night as a PF. It’s all the Magic need.

Also being heavily mentioned is Rasheed Wallace. Wallace at 34, is not a long term answer, but he can contribute enough to get the Magic to the promised land. He is tough and has the attitude and is a consistent 12 points, 8 boards a night guy. He is pretty good from the line and throws up enough 3’s to keep the defense honest. Down side is his age and salary. As a unrestricted free agent, would he take a mid level exception in exchange for another ring or two?

If the Magic are going to look at 34 year olds, Antonio McDyess is also a possibility. He has revived his career in Detroit and is a viable 8 points 10-12 rebounds night guy in Orlando. He does not quite have the killer streak but he would be very affordable as well and you would think he can produce 2 more years.

The Magic have made no bones about paying what they need to to get the first title and have no problem with getting the luxury tax so you have to wonder if Lamar Odom can be stolen from the Lakers? I serious doubt they would let him get away, but he is unrestricted and would fill a real void in Orlando. He is young enough to make Orlando a viable contender for the next few years as well.

But if the Magic are looking for another Rodman … how about Denver’s Birdman, Chris Andersen? He has a past, he’s flaky and a crowd favorite but he did produce 6.4 points and 6.2 rebounds a game averaging 20 minutes. He is unrestricted, and should be very affordable as he made only $800K last year. Questions abound as to if he can be a starter in the NBA, but do keep in mind, the Magic landed 2nd year PF Ryan Anderson from the Nets. Anderson averaged 7.4 points and 4.7 rebounds a game as a rookie. Taking both of their stats, you would have more than 13 points and 10 boards a game …. certainly viable numbers and affordable as well.

So come on Otis Smith. Your work is almost done. Let’s make this team a champion.

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