Justin Henderson
Justin Henderson

Where are the 2010 UK Football recruits?


Justin Henderson

Now that the highly touted 2009 is participating for practices for the football Wildcats, the question has to be asked… What is up with the 201o recruiting class?

So far, that class consists of just one player: South Carolina DE Justin Henderson. Henderson is a solid defensive end prospect with some upside, but we are now 2 weeks from the 4th of July and UK still just has one player on it’s tally board. Alabama just recently signed its SECOND 2011 recruit. What gives?

There is a train of thought that the Wildcats have lost out on some highly rated recruits late in the game in previous years due to not having any scholarships available. Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio has used this theory several times and he assures panicky UK fans that the coaches are highly optimistic about the upcoming haul.

At this time last year, UK had close to a dozen recruits. Is it a cause for concern that we just have one o So who is Kentucky going after? A recent check shows UK in the running still for 4 Top 150 players.

Jeremy Deering is a QB at Leto Comprehensive HS in Tampa but appears to be recruited as a RB or “athlete”. He has excellent field vision and breakaway speed and appears to have good composure in the pocket. South Florida, South Carolina, West Virginia and Kansas are also in the mix for Deering.

Virginia Beach safety Nick Dew is the compete package that can line up at DB, OLB or DE. Dew also shows great potential at WR. Kentucky is currently battling Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Louisville, and Maryland for his services.

Kentucky is battling Clemson, South Carolina, and Georgia Tech for RB stud Bruce Ellington. Ellington is small (5’10) but explosive. He is a threat to take the ball to the end zone every singe time and can see time as a WR or slot receiver.

Kentucky is also going into Big 10 country for WR DyJuan Lewis. He is listing Indiana, Purdue, Michigan State, and Illinois for the 6’3 wideout.

The trend amoung all this guys is speed and that is a thing that Brooks has done a great job of is giving UK a fast team that can compete in the SEC. The roster is littered with 4’5 40 guys now… there was just one when Brooks arrived at UK. And Brooks is the master of finding the hidden gem. Randall Cobb was a 2 star recruit on a lot of boards.

The one thing I do see is UK being involved with more quality players. The UK “considering” list is full of players just outside that Top 150 tag and it is not out of reality to think we can land four or five of them, just by the numbers involved. Hopefully the people “in the know” are right and the commitments will start falling for UK.

We just have to hope that PawPaw Brooks is as skilled in landing recruits the rest of the summer as he is at raising those tomato plants.

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