Only 29 more hours till we know Wildcat fans.

We are talking of c..."/> Only 29 more hours till we know Wildcat fans.

We are talking of c..."/>

The waiting is the hardest part…


Only 29 more hours till we know Wildcat fans.

We are talking of course, about the decision by Jodie Meeks on whether he stay in the NBA draft or comes back to UK to key the run for national title number 8. There are a few other UK tidbits to address like a possible AJ Stewart transfer to UCF and the fact it appears that Mossakowski may not redshirt, but for another day or so it is still all about Jodie.

And the pundits continue to weigh in. Gary Parrish at CBS says that the Meeks decision not only affects UK, but the ENTIRE nation:

Kentucky will spend the weekend waiting on Jodie Meeks.

As will Kansas.
As should the nation.
Because Meeks‘ decision to either remain in or withdraw from the NBA Draft by Monday’s 5 p.m. deadline will likely be what determines the preseason No. 1. If the high-scoring guard remains in the draft, Kansas should be tops. But if Meeks withdraws from the draft — and all those recruits get eligible, specifically John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins — then it’ll be the Wildcats who are atop the rankings and the obvious favorite to win the 2010 national championship thanks to a loaded roster created by first-year coach John Calipari.
So yeah, this is a big weekend.

Most pundits are saying that Meeks will will return to UK. ESPN Andy Katz said that Meeks is expected to return to the SEC a few days ago when Devan Downey withdrew from the draft. ESPN’s Chad Ford also says that Meeks has not done anything to separate himself from the pack at the draft and expects him at UK as well.

All of this is fantastic speculation for UK fans, who will no doubt celebrate the same way we did when Calipari was announced as coach and when Patterson came back to UK, or when Wall and Bledsoe announced or Cousins …. damn, it’s been a good few months. And while some said Meeks is the icing on the cake, I have to disagree…. Meeks is pretty much the cake right now. Don’t underestimate the role he will have if he returns, despite the upgraded cast around him.

This will be Patterson’s and Meeks team.

Of course whenever we talk UK these days, we always have to deal with some of the John Calipari obsessed knuckleheads back at Memphis. Chris Herrington of the Memphis Flyer floats a rumor that the Grizzlies can win some fans by promising to pick Meeks at #27 and “screwing John Calipari“. Seriously.

I really doubt that the Grizzlies fulfilling the dream of Meeks of being drafted in the first round and giving him a “guaranteed contract” will in effect, “screw” Cal or UK fans. If Jodie really wants to go to Memphis, I support him 100%. But a thought for Memphis fans if they think this is a way to get back at UK. Along with Meeks to your team will come a thousand or so “new Grizzlie fans” who will sport the blue and white of UK and be a constant reminder of Calipari and his highly rated Wildcats. We follow our own and I am sure many UK fans will buy tickets not for the Grizzlies but for the sole purpose of following Meeks.

And I think the Grizzlies have bigger fish to fry than screwing Calipari. With the number 2 draft pick and tons of guaranteed money, several big players are not thrilled at the prospect of being a Grizzlie.

Well I was dead wrong with my though that AJ Stewart would end up at Umass, but I did say later that the University of Central Florida would be a good fit for him, with a solid coach, a new arena, a good recruiting class signed (including MJ’s kid). Apparently that may be a reality as Jerry Tipton said that AJ has been faxing his paperwork to UCF. This would be a fantastic fit for AJ and I would look for UCF to start making some real noise in Conference USA the next couple of years.
And apparently I was wrong with my assessment that Ryan Mossakowski may redshirt this year. He is competing in summer practices and should be cleared for all contact by the Fall. I saw a note from Papaw Brooks where he said he did not want to redshirt any of the incoming freshmen, and wanted to try and get them on the field this year. If this is the case, look for a three way QB competition this summer. I still think Hartline will start, but it’s good news to have ‘Ski’s strong arm in camp.

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