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Now let's look at the 2009-2010 UK basketball schedule


After the roster changes yesterday, we now can finally get a real idea of the pure TALENT that is on this UK basketball team and while not being a homer, I can not really see a team that is THIS deep 1-12 (or 1-13 if Mr Meeks returns — please Jodie), or has this much pure talent. With the exception of Ramon Harris, all of the players were top 100 players coming out of HS and several are top 50.

On a personal note, while sad to see the potential of Matt Pilgrim go, I am even more excited to see the potential of DeAndre Liggins. If we believe the hype of Liggins coming out of HS, and the fact that he can blossom in the DDMO, he can be considered the SEVENTH new player. Yes, I expect a totally different DeAndre.

While Meeks staying in the NBA draft would leave us one scholarship short, I don’t know what may happen with that. Maybe one of the walkons could get a Donald Williams one year ride or Cal may have another recruit or JUCO lined up. I know that priority one is getting Jodie Meeks back and it is looking more and more like Sunday or Monday till we hear about that,

But without any more ado, your 2009-2010 Kentucky Wildcats…


Jodie Meeks*

Perry Stevenson*

Ramon Harris*


Patrick Patterson*

Josh Harrellson


DeAndre Liggins

Darius Miller

Darnell Dodson


John Wall*

Demarcus Cousins*

Daniel Orton

Eric Bledsoe

Jon Hood

I have seen Dodson listed as both a freshman and a sophomore so am not 100% sure his eligibility status. As you can see, Meeks is the key to a deep tournament run, and that we will have potentially 5 to 6 positions to fill next year. Of course, Wall and Cousins have never played a game in front of 24K at Rupp and they could do a Patrick Patterson and stay longer than hoped. We can always dream….

Now that the roster is set, lets look at what I could find for a tentative schedule for next year. There are still rumors of Texas being on the schedule or a yet to be named “big program” at Nashville. But now, the schedule is starting to fill out a bit.

Nov. 13th vs. Morehead State (Rupp)

Nov. 19th vs. Sam Houston St (Rupp)

Nov. 21 vs Rider (Rupp)
Nov. 24 vs. Cleveland St in Cancun, Mexico
Nov. 25 vs. Va/Stanford in Cancun, Mexico
12/9/09 vs. UConn (SEC-Big East Challenge @ Madison Square Garden)
12/19/09 vs. Austin Peay
? vs. UL (Rupp)
? @ IU
? vs. UNC (Rupp)

? @ Vanderbilt
? vs. Tennessee (Rupp)
? vs. Georgia (Rupp)
? @ Auburn
? vs. Alabama (Rupp)
? vs. Mississippi (Rupp)
? @ South Carolina
? @ Mississippi State
? @ Florida
? vs. Arkansas (Rupp)
? vs. Vanderbilt (Rupp)
? @ Tennessee
? vs. South Carolina (Rupp)
? @ Louisiana State
? @ Georgia
? vs. Florida (Rupp.. Senior Day)

That’s it for now, Cat fans. Today is a busy day at work for me and then I am taking Dad to dinner and have to get back home for the Magic game, so I may not be updating anymore today. If you hear rumors of Meeks today, the blog links to the right will more than keep you updated….

Have a good Thursday.

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