Since this is a post about cryb..."/>

Since this is a post about cryb..."/>

Nerd Fighting with "The Miserables"


Since this is a post about crybaby sports fans, I do have to include my new favorite all time pic above. And also my second favorite of the Memphis fans that were beggin Calipari to stay but now no doubt are relentlessly throwing him under the bus.

Gotta love a good old fashioned Internet nerd fight (not really… it’s kind of lame, but a pet peeve of mine).

I reread my earlier post about Will Barton to see if I was unnecessary negative about it and found I was not. My main argument that losing Will Barton would not be a bad thing since it appears that Antonio Barton would also be part of the package. Most of the article was about the perception that Calipari did not need a PR nightmare and take part in a “package deal”. Nothing negative about Memphis at all.

I did get a comment from one of the Memphis “Miserables” soon after:

Saying this is a package deal is ridiculous. Yeah they wanted to play together but they are both div 1 basketball prospects and both are pretty good for that matter. If you were hiring his dad or something(like cal did) then I would say package deal. They are both mid to high level basketball recruits and Memphis got both of them. I love that when we were griping about Cal leaving all we heard was “sour Grapes” and “get over it”. Who are the sour grapes now ?”

Once again, not noticing any sour grapes in my post. And secondly, when did Calipari hire Will Barton’s dad? And the fact that Memphis signed both Barton kids is a package deal. How can it not be?

Will Barton is a stud player, a five star recruit by rivals, and a 96 rated prospect by ESPN. Antonio was a 3 star rivals player and ESPN had not even gotten around to rating Antonio yet. So as the facts state, it does not look like Antonio was a big prospect. The ESPN headline even declared that Memphis got Will Barton “and his brother”.

So, Antonio was not being recruited at UK. And Calipari was not going to spend two scholarships to get Will Barton. I admit it, Will Barton was a great coup for a coach that has never won a game, but this year alone, you can tell that a “verbal commitment” does not carry much weight.

So congratulations on your recruit Memphis. One got away from us. You got a player we wanted and you got a player that was not even on our recruiting radar.

It is kind of odd that you chose to come to a UK site that has not even bashed Memphis to gloat, but enjoy your victory today. Also enjoy your victory when you land Lance Stephenson, another player not on our radar. It is kind of hypocritical that Memphis fans bashed Calipari for his “package deals” yet celebrate one of their own with Pastner. And that Memphis fans took Calipari to task for running a program of scoundrels, yet continue to recruit Lance Stephenson.

Shallow and Hypocritical. From all we are hearing from Memphis fans lately, that apparently is the Memphis way.

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