From all appearences Cal is off to China, and there will be no suprises at Memphis'..."/> From all appearences Cal is off to China, and there will be no suprises at Memphis'..."/>

The University of Billy Gillispie?


From all appearences Cal is off to China, and there will be no suprises at Memphis’s appeal to the NCAA on Saturday. Football recruiting is going very slowly so you would think there is no news to report today. I did find one article that made me go “Hrmmmmm”.

Former UK coach Billy Gillispie, without a school and embroiled in a nasty lawsuit with his former school, is still apparently recruiting. First there was that rumor where he had told former UK walk on Landon Slone that he had a scholarship wherever he landed. I took that as more rumor that valid and as of now, it appears that Slone is close to committing to Morehead State. Now, I see that he has (not apparently, but has) told former UK recruit Dakotah Euton.

In a recent interview, Euton said that he has talked to Gillispie “once or twice. He told me he would probably offer me a scholarship wherever he went”. I don’t know about you, but the creepy factor is pretty high with me on this one. Having contact with your formal recruits is understandable, but how many times is a jobless 50 year old calling high school boys and promising them things? Nit trying to character bash, but some things make you say Ewwwww and I am just relaying the facts.

Euton is currently talking to Notre Dame, Stanford, and Eastern Kentucky and he has received offers from Oregon State, Akron, and apparently the University of Billy Gillispie. Wonder if Michael Avery is one of BCG’s T-Mobile Favorites?


Like I aid, it is a slow day but I did notice that Gary Parrish at CBS is not playing the “Calipari Code” and trying to dig up dirt on Robert Dozier, a recent graduate from Memphis. He is trying to link Calipari to Dozier’s SAT test taken at Georgia 5 years ago. Apparently, Dozier scored very highly his first attempt on the test and the NCAA flagged it and the second time did not do as well. No allegations of fraud were ever filed against Dozier, but he ended up going to a prep school and then later Memphis.

I have talked to a few friends for whatever reason have taken the SAT twice and they told me that is was not out unusual to have differing scores on the test. One fried said he took the first test drunk and scored low and much higher when sober. Another said he scored pretty high the first time and took it again for one school. The night before he broke up with his girlfriend and fared much worse. It is possible then that the stress of having to retake the test led to the lower score the second time for Dozier. See Gary, you can put a positive spin on things when you speculate. Not just bash irresponsibly.


John Clay published an interesting list yesterday of 9 other coaches who have had NCAA appearances vacated. They are Jim Calhoun, Lute Olsen, Larry Brown, Steve Fisher, Jim Harrick, Norm Sloan, Jerry Tarktanian, Jim Valvano and Gene Keady, The first eight are NCAA championship coaches.

Kind of puts everything in reality though. And brings up the question of what ever happened to the big news about Jim Calhoun from a few months ago. There were rumors of improprity at U Conn, although it did not appear directly linked to Calhoun. But those allegations seem to have more substance and potential fallout than Memphis’s knowledge of Derrick Rose. But now everyhting is mum on Calhoun.

Let’s hope this fades as quietly, but I seriously doubt it.

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