Today actually ended up being a pretty busy day for th..."/>
Today actually ended up being a pretty busy day for th..."/>
Today actually ended up being a pretty busy day for th..."/>

Decision Time Draws Near For Meeks


Today actually ended up being a pretty busy day for the Wildcat Nation with three ongong stories being resolved somewhat. We will take a look at that but first the big news of the day… the Wildcat Blue In a Sea of Orange blog is now on twitter! Follow my site updates on http//! It’s the best way to stay updated to site updates.

Enough gratutious plugging…. Now the news.

1) Memphis releases its response to the NCAA
And unfortunately for Calipari basher’s, Calipari’s name appears only once into the entire document, stating that Calipari was the person responsible for recruiting Derrick Rose. So there is no smoking guns for Tipton, Calkins, Parrish, and Forde to follow irresponsibly. Memphis’s official response is that Memphis says there was no sufficent information to determine whether Rose took his own SAT and that the school took all reasonable steps to assure that he was eligible. Memphis also stated that it should not “suffer a financial penalty or vacation of records for the 2008 NCAA Tournament”.

Apparently the ownly real evidence the NCAA has that Rose did not take the test is by a report by Lee Ann Harmless, a forensic document examiner hired by the NCAA. Even her report was inconclusive stating “Probably **** did not write the questioned hand printing or cursive writing” on the exam form.

The Commercial Appeal also included a comment from NCAA accociate director of public and media relations Stacy Osburn that spoke of general decisions, not on this specific case as it is ongoing. She said that the case would only go to the Infractions Committee only if they believed that school knew or should have known about the misdeed. If a player is ineligible and the school did not know about it or had no way of knowing about it, the school would not be punished. Such appears to be the case with Duke and Corey Maggette. Just hopefully for Memphis (and Cal’s reputation) the NCAA is consistent on this finding.

2. Walls and Cousins are eligible.
About about 24 hours of ridiculous rumors and conjectures, it now appears that Wall and Cousins will be eligible for UK and will play this fall. So now running off to join Nick Calathes in Greece, Cats fans.

A few different sources weighed in on Wall’s eligibilty today. Fox’s Jeff Goodman reports that he heard from two different sources (neither one of them John Walls “people”) that Wall would have no problem becoming eligibile. Luke Winn from also reports the same story.

Otis Hughley, Demarcus Cousins HS coach says there is nothing to worry about concerning Cousin’s grades. Hughley stated that Cousins grades have been solid from “fourth grade on”. Good news for the Cats. Looks like the silver lining is fading and our clouds are Kentucky Blue again.

3. The Jodie Meeks pro tour continues
Jodie, save us the angst and just come back now. Jodie Meeks is making the most of his tour of potential pro jobs and has less than 2 weeks to make a decision. Odds are nothing will be announced until Calipari returns from China around June 10, but Jodie will be busy between now and then.

Jodie is in Minneapolis for a 4 day predraft workout for about 20 teams. A lot of the players at the workout are projected to be late first round or second round picks. An interesting sidenote is that Meek’s former coach Tubby Smith showed up to watch him work out. I bet they had an interesting time “catching up” and Jodie had lots of stories during their two years apart.

The Timberwolves have expressed interest in Meeks and have the 18th and 28 pick but you have to wonder if they will make Meeks the guarantee he seeks at pick 28. Lots of bloggers, including Matt Jones of KSR still expect Meeks to return to the Cat’s but I am starting to get a bad feeling about this. As Matt states all it takes is one GM to make a promise to Jodie and he may be gone. I have to admit I am getting a bit nervous about Meeks returning. But I hope I am wrong and have been (AJ Stewart to UMass lol).

To add distress to Cat fans is the news that Philadelphia appears to be taking a closer look at Meeks and he will be joing a group of 5 players (including UNC’s Ty Lawson) to work out for the Sixers on Friday. The Sixers have the 17th pick in the draft this year.

Once again, I would love nothing more than for Jodie to return but have faith in Cal and the players he recruitted (Dodson, Hood) to fill his place. This “will he or won’t he go” anxiety is destined to be part of the BBN’s April to June calendar.

At least Jodie won’t be going to Greece.

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