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Aaron Harrison's Place in UK History

Aaron Harrison hit some big shots in the NCAA Tournament, with game winners to send the ‘Cats into the Elite 8, FInal Four, and Championship game. But are they 3 of the most clutch shots in Kentucky history? Mark Story writes:

“Since Harrison’s heroics drove UK to finish as the 2014 national runner-up, I’ve been contemplating this question: Is it possible that one player hit three of the 10 greatest clutch shots in Kentucky men’s basketball history over the course of three games in the same NCAA Tournament?

Below is my revised list of the top 10 clutch shots in UK basketball history. The answer to the question “Did Aaron Harrison hit three of them?” is yes.”

Russ Smith wanted to frame his 2013 national championship jersey and give it to his father as a gift. That’s an awesome gift, no matter what you might think of Smith. But the former UofL guard hasn’t had a good experience with FedEx and it appears as though his jersey has been discarded by the Memphis-based shipping company. Tyler Brooke writes:

“According to Smith, FedEx threw away his 2013 national championship jersey. Smith had sent the framed jersey to his dad, but when it arrived, the frame was cracked. FedEx agreed to pay for the damages, but they still ended up throwing away his prized possession.”

On Saturday, in the seventh-round, with the 249th overall pick, the St. Louis Rams drafted Michael Sam. Sam was the co-Defensive Player of the Year in the SEC this past season. He was first team all-SEC and a unanimous All-American selection. Michael Sam is also gay and will be the first openly gay football player in the NFL. Did this last fact hurt Sam’s draft stock? Jarrett Bell writes:

“There were punters and kickers chosen before a player who led the Southeastern Conference last season with 10½ sacks and 18 tackles for loss. There were players from small schools who played against less-accomplished competition, who were chosen before Sam.

There were undersized linemen just like Sam, chosen before Sam.

Was this because Sam is gay?

It sure seems that way, no matter what we’ve heard about the NFL culture being progressive enough — with the league advancing a Respect in the Workplace agenda — to tolerate a player without regard to his sexual orientation.”

It’s hard to find a defender of the NCAA these days. And every time Mark Emmert speaks, the worse the organization looks. With the recent decision to grant the power conferences more autonomy, a split may be preferable for all parties involved. John Infante writes:

“To avoid repeating the mistakes of the Pac-16’s brief rise and collapse, the rest of Division I should ask whether it is better to put off a split, maybe not even to the end of this decade, or to rip the bandage off now and start adjusting to life without the power conferences. The big difference between the Pac-16 and the autonomy debate is that with the Pac-16, four players held all the cards: The Pac-10, Big 12, Fox, and ESPN. This time everyone in Division I has a chance to decide whether the short term pain might mean a better outcome in the long run.”

Jon Hamm is well-known for his portrayal of ad executive Don Draper on AMC’s “Mad Men.” But few may know he’s a baseball fan; specifically, an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan.

“Hamm often saw games at old Busch Stadium and can recite the inscription on the Stan Musial statue. (“Here stands baseball’s perfect warrior. Here stands baseball’s perfect knight.”) He mentions famous Cardinals like Keith Hernandez and obscure ones like Dane Iorg with little prompting. He wears a Dodgers cap at one point in “Million Dollar Arm” but said he cherished the memory of the 1985 National League Championship Series.”

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