Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: "It's Time. Let's do it"

If you listened to John Calipari or the Kentucky Wildcats basketball  players speak after the loss to Florida, you became aware of a couple of things.

These players hate losing. It wears on them and they are as confused as to anyone as to why things have not clicked yet. Watching Julius Randle and Dakari Johnson walk into the press conference, you can tell that their pride is wounded and they are sick of losing. Anyone that thinks these players do not care about losing is horribly wrong.

John Calipari has not given up on this team and neither should you. I don’t consider Calipari delusional and it is apparent that he still thinks that it is a matter of time before this team turns it around. Judging by his post game comments, the tournament time will be the Wildcats time.


And so we’re still learning. But again, we’re not there yet. But let me just say this: My whole vision of this team is we’re going to get it and it will start this week when we’re in our tournament. Let’s start down there. Let’s do what we’re doing 10 minutes in the game, 12 minutes – let’s do it for 40 minutes and all commit to it. And if we do, the light goes on, we like it, this is fun, let’s do this. You know, it was fun coaching them when they were defending.


We come in and out of the times and we have the ability, we have the skill, we have the size, we have the length, we have all the stuff you need to do this, and now we just got to do it. It’s time. Let’s do it.”

And so it is time. Tournament time. And a new beginning.

It’s time to forget what went wrong over the last thirty-one games and time to focus on what can go right. Every team is back to 0-0 again and if the Wildcats really believed they could be perfect, it’s time to prove it.

All it takes in nine games now. Forget 40-0.

Like we sprang forward with our clocks on Sunday, it’s time for this team to spring forward.

Call me delusional, but I still believe. I want LSU to beat Alabama and for Kentucky to not get revenge on Friday night, but redemption.

Looking at the bracket below for Kentucky, it’s about as good of a bracket as they can get.  UK is 8-1 versus teams in their half of the bracket and 4-5 versus teams in the other half.  If LSU gets past Alabama, it is going to be a great chance for these players to man up and face some of these demons.  And if Kentucky can win two game, they probably will move up a seed, even two, depending on how wild next weekend is.

The SEC Championship is a late game on Sunday, so Kentucky’s fate will be decided by what happens Saturday night.  And a third game against Florida or Arkansas is what this team needs to get ready for the NCAA Tournament.

I know that most of the BBN is still behind this team … and it’s time to ut the negativity and disappointment aside.  If you want proof of what can happen in March, look at the 2011 Connecticut Huskies.

It’s time.  Let’s do it.


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