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Colin Kaepernick Speaks His Peace, His Timing Could Have Been Better

It’s no surprise Colin Kaepernick had thoughts on Richard Sherman’s post game interview with Erin Andrews after the NFC title game. Everyone has had thoughts on that. Making them known right before Super Bowl XLVIII may not have been the best move though.

He spoke recently with Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post (h/t Mike Chiari of Here are some of the excerpts.

This is going to come across as sour grapes no matter when he says this. However, playing the in between game definitely doesn’t work. Exploit them next year? You just had a chance to exploit them less than two weeks ago. Either come with this response immediately after Sherman’s interview for the first time or wait and save it until, you guessed it, next year.

These comments are going to be brought up when San Francisco and Seattle play next year anyway. Why not just keep them locked and loaded until the weeks leading up to the first meeting? Maybe even wait and unload them during Seahawks week, even better.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda. If you throw it one foot further? True, if Kaepernick and Crabtree had been able to connect Sherman would be kicking himself about that play for a long time. Thing is, it didn’t happen.

There wasn’t any pressure on him to bother the throw. He didn’t put the ball where he wanted, he’s not helping his case here.

San Francisco’s defense went out on their very first play of the game and forced a turnover that gave Kaepernick the ball inside the Seattle 20 yard line. They were only able to come up with a field goal. They went on to build a 10-0 lead which seemed more insurmountable than it was given the two defenses playing in this game and the type of game it was going to be. This played into Sherman going Reggie Miller on Spike Lee on Colin and the 49ers too.

If Sherman had it to do over again maybe he does a few things differently, maybe he doesn’t. That said, Kaepernick can’t have it both ways. We’ve seen people take jabs at each other from subtle verbal things to demonstrative displays on the field. The previous week Kaepernick impersonated Cam Newton’s Superman dance after he scored a touchdown in their 23-10 win over the Carolina Panthers.

Did that make him feel better about himself?

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No surprise here. The rivalry between San Francisco and Seattle is real. It would probably be tough for them to pull for Seattle to win the title that they came so close to having last year with or without the Sherman interview.

Colin Kaepernick is a really good young player on a very good team. He should have several more deep playoff runs in his future. The road to the Super Bowl clearly goes through the NFC West right now. The Seahawks-49ers rivalry is getting stronger and more intense by the minute. Who knows, this bump in the road may be just the thing that Kaepernick looks back on and says he learned and grew from the most.

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