Andrew and Aaron Harrison: NBA Bound in 2014 or not?

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Should the Harrison Twins stay at Kentucky or go to the NBA?

I know. It’s WAY too early to be discussing this but yesterday, news broke that John Calipari had been telling NBA Scouts that the Harrisons would be coming back to Kentucky next year. And as of right now, that seems to be the right decision. No knock to the Harrisons or any of the players on the current roster, the only reason I think a player should leave is if they are a lottery pick and as of now, none of UK’s players fit that bill.

Things change, and this team has every opportunity to turn things around. And if that happens, the decision to go to the NBA will still be the Harrisons and not Calipari’s.


But a source with knowledge of the situation said the Harrisons should not be counted out of the ’14 draft just yet. They still are giving strong consideration to entering the draft in June, and while Calipari has influence, the family will make the decision. The Harrisons’ parents were strongly involved in choosing Kentucky last year, remember.

Neither Aaron nor Andrew Harrison have had stellar showings this year, and they will need strong second halves to boost their draft outlooks. Andrew Harrison is a 6-5 combo guard who can play the point, which makes him the more attractive prospect, but he is shooting just 37.2 percent from the field, and has averaged 7.7 points on 28.6 percent shooting in his last three games. He is averaging 11.0 points on the year.


Also keep in mind that while the Harrison’s could be a one and done no matter what, Calipari’s ptalking to the NBA folks could be a motivational ploy as well since Calipari knows this would get out.


Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Some recruiting pundits seem to think that Kentucky has cooled on Myles Turner and vice versa. Well, that’s not necessarily true. Turner held an online chat yesterday on USA Today and it seems like Kentucky is still on his mind.


Kentucky still on your radar?

Turner: Absolutely! I like what they have to offer.

What are your thoughts about Kentucky?

Turner: It really stands out how many guys Coach Cal sends to the league every year.

Does the fact that Duke already signed Jahlil Okafor as a center Or the fact that Kentucky has signed Karl Towns Jr as a center affect your decision in any way?

Turner: No, because I don’t limit myself to one position.

Will you take an official visit to UK?

Turner: I haven’t set that up yet, but we will see.

When will you cut your list again?

Turner: Not necessarily gonna cut it. I’m gonna choose from the list I have now: Arizona, Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio State, Oklahoma State and Texas.



With or without Myles Turner, Kentucky already has one talented big man coming in the form of Karl Towns Jr. There are literally dozens of reasons why I love Towns, and you have to love his drive and ambition. Towns told KSTV that “anything less than a national championship” next year will be a failure. Check out more with Towns here:

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