Kentucky Wildcat Basketball: The Louisville Grinch that stole Christmas

MonsterMash Grinch


It the day after Christmas and as is the tradition on WildcatBlueNation, it’s time for every Wildcat’s favorite Christmas poem, the 2013-2014 version of “The Louisville Grinch that stole Christmas”.

Every Lou fan down in Lou-ville

Like their hometown Cardinals a lot…

And the Wildcats, who live 90 miles East,

Most certainly DO NOT!

Wildcats just hate Cardinals,

and not just during basketball season!

If asked why they’ll respond,

and give you at least five good reasons.

1 – The mascot has teeth,

2 – they wear flat bill hats

3 – they constantly wine,

4 – their ridiculous, full sleeve tats.

But I think the most likely reason of all

it’s that for all of the trash talk,

the number of banners hanging are two sizes too small.

Whatever the reason,

the hats or the boo hoos

The Cats will never be jealous

of the Cardinals of Lou,

unlike the Cards,

that spend everyday in their Yum Center

looking to make the best

out of another long losing winter

“Kentucky’s hanging up Banners!”

they’ll snarl and they’ll sneer.

“This year will be number 9?!!?

It’s practically all theirs!

We barely have 3…

that’s not even half

we’re hardly second in the state

I’m tired of this math.”

says every Lou girl and Lou boy

“I know it’s their year again,

It’s all a big ploy”

“And when they become champions again,

Oh the Cats Joy! The Joy!”

That’s one thing they hate!

Wildcat JOY! JOY! JOY!

And through the season,before its all over,

my how’ll they’ll feast.

And they’ll feast! And they’ll feast!


Their not even if the old Big East!

but first as polite neighbors do,

They’ll serve humility to the Cardinals of Lou,

something Lou-fans can’t stand in the least!


Kentucky will do something Cards liked least of all!

All those dressed in Blue,

the tall and the small,

Stand close together,

with parade bells ringing.

They’ll stand hand-in-hand

and they’ll all start singing!

They’d sing! And they’d sing!

About Championship RING! RING! RINGS!

And the more the Lou-fans think

of a Kentucky-Championship-Song

The more the Cards reiterate,

“I hate this, it’s all wrong!

“For my team’s whole existence

I’ve put up with this until now!

I can’t stop wins from coming!

I don’t even know how!”

And what’ll happened then…?

After this weekend’s game

Their hearts will just turn to blue

Suddenly yes, but it’s nothing new

“If I can’t beat em I’ll join em

I’ll cheer on those cats

I’ll throw up 3 goggles

I’ll give away my Baby PHATs.

I’ll cheer “Go Kentucky

And beat U of L”

I’ll wonder ‘who’s the Y’

And Pitino looks like” … well

You know where that’s going and all I can say

“It wasn’t just the former Lou hearts but the number of banners

that grew 3 and a half sizes that day.”


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