Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Keep Calm and Bleed Blue ... in moderation

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It’s that time of year, Kentucky Wildcats basketball fans. It’s right before the holidays and UK has a few big time rivalry games on the calendar and everyone starts to go a bit crazy. It’s become apparent that John Calipari may not get his sixth straight number one recruiting class in Lexington and UK will not go 40-0 … and it all leads to a bit of twitter / internet/ message board meltdown.

It’s time to take control and gain some composure. The sky is not falling and John Calipari is not going to the New York Knicks and there is no need for a Big Blue Meltdown. As the saying goes, Keep Calm and Bleed Blue … while I take a look at a bit of the silly season past and present and tell you why not to freak out.


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And I am OK with that. I always thought the 40-0 talk was a bit silly in November and to be honest, am a bit surprised at the flack Calipari got for talking about it. I would hope that every team I follow will strive for an undefeated season. If not, what is the purpose of the excitement of a news season and fresh start.

Just the fact that John Calipari had the audacity to talk about 40-0 in public while every other NCAA coach dreams about it privately brought about the haters a bit earlier than usual. There is no shame in losing to Michigan State by four. And there is really no shame in playing poorly and losing to Michigan State by four.

There is a big difference between last years loss to Duke in the Champions Classic and this years loss to Sparty. Last year, UK fought to not get blown out. This year, they fought to win.


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