WBN Nightcap: Student Section Continues to Dissapoint

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Yesterday Kentucky lost to Missouri 48-17 in a game that saw the Cats dominated by a team that wasn’t as good as UK made them look. Missouri is a good team, better than Kentucky, but not 31 points better. There were miscues in every phase of the game, turnovers, blown coverages and a blocked punt. There were plenty of things on the field that you could look at and say that they need to improve but the members of my section couldn’t help but talk about off field topics. Mainly another in a long line of disappointing performances by Kentucky’s student section to even fill the lower-level seats, let alone impact the game.

Kentucky isn’t a good team this season, everyone knows that. But that’s all the more reason to attend games and give them a rowdy home field advantage, not to stay home and try to set up plans for later on Tinder kids. A student ticket costs five dollars. Five. That means that you can buy student season tickets for less than the public pays for one ticket to one game. For the price of admission you get access to one of the best sections of the stadium and a good chance at being on television if you care about that sort of thing.

I know that the home experience is constantly improving and it is driving attendance down across the country. But this isn’t just a garden variety game experience. This is college, as a student. Like in so many other ways, there is no experience like it. This is the kind of event that makes socializing easy, everyone is there to have fun. And I know that the team isn’t very good this season, and wasn’t last season, but this is your school. You should take pride in having a rowdy student section. It should be the end of the field that other teams try to avoid if they can.  Right now, if I were an opposing coach going to overtime, I’d probably choose that end of the field. There is practically no one there.

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