Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Recruiting: Wildcat Blue Nation talks with USA Today's Jason Jordan about the Tyler Ulis decision

Tyler Ulis

Tyler Ulis is one of the nations best point guards in the class of 2014, and he is announcing his decision tomorrow at his high school football game. Kentucky, Michigan State, and Iowa are the final 3 schools left on Ulis’s list. Tyler’s decision will be televised on a Chicago Hoops website at 8:20 EST.

I had the privilege of speaking with USA Today’s Jason Jordan yesterday about Tyler’s decision, and also one of his best friends Devin Booker who is another UK target for the class of 2014.

WBN: In your opinion do you think this package deal between the two(Booker and Ulis) will happen, or is it just talk? Why do you think so many kids are starting to look at becoming package deals with other to players in their class?

Jason Jordan: I think Devin and Tyler genuinely would love to play together because they’re friends and what they do on the court compliments each other well. Will it actually happen? That’s tough to say. The safe answer is no; by and large package deals don’t materialize, especially ones that have caught steam late in the process like this situation, but they’ve made two visits together which is noteworthy. That shows how serious they’re thinking about it. Still, every time I’ve talked to them about it they always remember to add that “its not definite,” which sounds like a “duh” but it’s something I’ve learned is a sign when its consistently said. 

WBN: What is so special about these two skills? I know Booker is a really good shooter, and Ulis is a great point guard despite his size, but is there anything else about their game that makes them elite?

Jason Jordan: Well, those things are their calling cards. Devin is a great shooter, but people underrate his ability to create his own shot. I’ve seen that aspect grow over the summer, and his athleticism and ball handling ability are underrated too. Tyler is a stud! He’s that point guard that makes all the right plays all the time. He thinks the game three plays ahead. I say that, and it sounds like one of those deep, analytical throw-away quotes, but if you watch him play an entire game it’s easy to tell what I mean by that. Lots of times he throws passes to an area because he knows the tendencies of his teammates. It’s beautiful to watch truly. 

WBN: Have you talked with either one of them since their visit to Lexington this past weekend? If so did they enjoy their time?

Jason Jordan: Yes, I’ve been texting with Devin and he loved the visit. Haven’t talked to Tyler, but I know he loved his visit to Kentucky too. I also talked with 2015 shooting guard Charles Matthews, who was visiting with them, and he said the visit “was a 10 out of 10″

WBN: I know you are very close to Devin Booker, and everybody knows how great he is on the court, but what about off the court as a person?

Jason Jordan: Devin is a great kid. He didn’t grow up with that “next big thing” label from birth, and quite honestly recruiting rankings, and big time offers were a little late to the party so he is still in that “Wow this is cool” mode, which is great for a player his caliber. I told him a few years ago that things would blow up for him because I know how valuable his skills are to teams. Devin is cool and laid back in my dealings with him, and he’s definitely the kid who I would’ve sat beside on test day! Dude is a straight A student. 

WBN: Yesterday word broke that Tyler would make his decision Friday night at his high school.What’s your prediction on where he will end up?

Jason Jordan: Yeah I guess the word is that he’s going to announce Friday night. I, like most, think it’s down to Kentucky, and Michigan State, but I throughly believe in the end that he’ll be sleeping on a Tempurpedic mattress in the Wildcat Coal Lodge next season. I’m still envious that I don’t have a better mattress than an 18-year-old teen! Oh, this wasn’t the forum for me to express that? Ok, anyway, yeah Ulis to #BBN; that’s what I’m rocking with. 

I just want to thank Jason for taking the time to do this interview, and if you read this please reach out to him and tell him thanks. Like everybody I am going with Kentucky for Tyler Ulis. He will announce at 8:20 EST tonight.

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