Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Tuesday Forecast: High of 74 with a 21% chance of Andrew Wiggins?

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Of course we are now forecasting the Andrew Wiggins decision today. Would you expect less? But it’s not my defeatist forecast. Yesterday, Rick Bozich got lots of free publicity on Twitter by putting Kentucky in the lead in the Wiggins forecast with a 40% chance of getting the future superstar. Later, Bozich downgraded his forecast from 40% to 21%:



Why He’ll Pick UK: With or without Wiggins, the Wildcats have already recruited the greatest class since Humphrey Bogart assembled the Rat Pack.

If Kentucky gets Wiggins, the talk will start with a national championship, move toward an undefeated season and conclude with a challenge to take on the Miami Heat. Where do I sign?

Why 40 percent at one point? I believe John Calipari has discussed going 40-0 at least once before the coach departs Lexington.

Nerlens Noel is about to join Anthony Davis and John Wall as UK’s third overall top NBA Draft pick over the last four seasons. The surest way for Wiggins to join the Number One Club is sign with Kentucky. Everybody’s doing it.

Why He’ll Snub UK: The coaches rules committee made several recommendations last week, but they’re not ready to go to three balls or 7 on 7 competition.

Kentucky is already going to set an NCAA record for McDonald’s all-Americans parked on the bench. If Wiggins is looking to put up big, big numbers, it’s hard to imagine him doing that at Kentucky. If going to UK was a no-brainer, why didn’t Wiggins say that long, long ago?


For the record, Bozich has increased FSU from 22% to 44% and Kansas from 14% to 24%.  North Carolina was downgraded from 21% to 8%.  And for some very troll like and random reason, Louisville now has a 3% chance.


If you believe the hype, even Wiggins’s mother still does not know where he will attend school. However, she definitely knows that Andrew does not want to attend summer school:


Thomas said she still does not know where Wiggins, who is projected as the No. 1 pick of the 2014 NBA draft, will attend college. But she did say he does not want to attend summer classes and that was factoring into his final choice. Typically, incoming freshmen enroll in classes and begin working out on campus in early summer. It’s not known whether any of the four schools would expect Wiggins to enroll in summer classes.

According to NCAA rules, prior to initial enrollment student-athletes must be enrolled in at least six hours of coursework to receive aid such as campus housing. Also, men’s basketball players may participate in up to eight hours per week of required weight training, conditioning and skill instruction.


To be honest, this kind of concerns me.  I was always under the assumption that summer class was a mandate for Calipari’s teams and not voluntary.  However I do not know that for a fact.  Who knows.

So … who is ready for predictions?

I have to admit that my optimism for Wiggins has been low and then peaked in March and April. As the decision drug on, my optimism waned. And for some reason, this whole summer school thing does not sit well with me. I really can see Calipari getting all of the other players to buy in to summer school and practice only to give one player a pass on seemingly a whim. For that reason …. I am picking Florida State but am more than ready to be pleasantly surprised by a Kentucky decision.

How about other predictions?  Here is what the folks at CBS Sports think.  Or the ESPN experts in an Insider article?  It’s a pay article, but no one picks UK.  Or really, everyone else?  

Or if you are not completely Andrew Wiggins-ed out yet, check out the latest WBN contest with Josh Kays, James Streble, and Jason Marcum where they talk about Benghazi and the economy  Andrew Wiggins.


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