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Kentucky Wildcat Basketball Recruiting: Jason Jordan talks Julius Randle and gives us his prediction

Today Julius Randle will make his college decision, and he will make one school very happy. Randle is ranked the #2 player in the class of 2013 just behind Andrew Wiggins, but the way they play are completely different. I would put Wiggins over everybody in high school, but Julius Randle may have the most impact next season in college.

Randle will chose between Texas, Kentucky, Kansas, and Florida tomorrow, but many think it’s between Kansas and Kentucky. If Randle picks Kentucky it will be without a doubt the best class ever to be assembled in college basketball history. I had a chance to catch up with Jason Jordan from USA Today who has built a great relationship with Julius and his family, and this is what he had to say about the upcoming decision, and what goes on behind the scenes.

WBN: I know you have been granted all access leading up to his decision how has that been so far?

Jason Jordan: It’s been great. I’ve gotten to know Julius, and his mom Carolyn pretty well over the last few years and they’ve given me the opportunity to do some really cool things with the access.

WBN: At the beginning of his recruitment a lot of people said that he wouldn’t want to play with the Harrison Twins, but since then that has been put to rest by Julius himself. How would you make of that? Was it basically just some rumors?

Jason Jordan: Yeah it’s funny a lot of people would ask me about that, but when I asked them for specific example of why they say that they have never have a response. I’ve talked to both the Twins and Julius about that one, and they all think its funny. They’ve ben cool since they were 3rd graders. Still waiting to hear how that one got started.

WBN: Julius has recently cut Oklahoma, and NC State from his list did he give you any reason why he did that?

Jason Jordan: He just said he didn’t want to waste their time. He knew which schools he was focusing on, and he wanted them to be able to make other moves. He said the coaches were very classy when he informed them of his decision.

WBN: How does Julius feel now being apart of the McDonald’s All-American game?

Jason Jordan: He’s really excited. Often times it’s hard to get a probable one-and-done guy like him to show excitement because they’re so used to accolades, but having gone through the broken foot, and having basketball taken away as a result really gave him a bigger appreciation for the game, and he valued it anyway. He just kept saying it was a dream come true. It was really important to him.

WBN: What can we expect on Wednesday? Obviously he will make one school very happy, but what is all going into the announcement?

Jason Jordan: Well he’ll be fresh to deaf!! Ha-ha, I tagged along while he and his mom shopped, and he’s got some very GQ clothes picked out. I think it’ll be pretty routine. No skyping the lucky head coach or anything.

WBN: Late last year you said you felt like Randle would end up at UK are you sticking with that prediction leading up to Wednesday?

Jason Jordan: Now remember this is only my guess and we will all find out tomorrow but I am. I said it back in September, and I’m always careful to say that’s 100 % my opinion. Every expert said I was crazy back then but we’ll see Wednesday. Maybe they’re right…..Maybe not. Most have started to see it my way if you notice. I’m going to stick with BBN here if for nothing else than they have Tempur Pedic mattresses for their players. I love those.

Julius Randle will make his decision at 1EST on ESPNU!!!!

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