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WBN SEC Basketball Power Rankings: 1-13-2013 Edition

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January 12, 2013; Columbia, SC, USA; Auburn Tigers center Rob Chubb (41) grabs a rebound while being fouled by South Carolina Gamecocks forward Mindaugas Kacinas (25) in the second half at Colonial-Life Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

8. Auburn Tigers (8-7, 2-0) Last Week: W vs. LSU 68-63, W at South Carolina 74-71: Auburn hasn’t proven much yet but this coming week will show us “who the real is” (Iron Sheik voice).  They play consistently on the Offensive end and very tenacious Defense.  Pretty good combo against subpar competition, but I can’t move them much higher at this point. This Week: 1-16 at Arkansas, 1-19 vs. Kentucky

9. South Carolina (10-5, 0-2) Last Week: L vs. Mississippi State University 56-54, L vs. Auburn 74-71: If only Martin’s scowl and murderous voice translated in to Offense OR Defense, SC would be killing right now.  But they can’t seem to close out close games.  They have no post presence and limited rebounding ability so they rely mostly on guard play.  That’s not going to cut it in the SEC. This Week: 1-16 at LSU, 1-19 vs. Vandy

10. Alabama Crimson Tide (10-6, 1-1) Last Week: L at Mizzou 68-64, W vs. Tennessee 68-65: Ok, so last week didn’t pan out so well.  They did have a decent showing against Mizzou but still lost; and they hung on against Tennessee.  Still, though, this isn’t what I anticipated from them this season.  Grant is damn fortunate to have Lacy and Releford or he’d be out of a job next year.  Good chance they improve on the record this week but likely by only a game. This Week:  1-16 at Mississippi State University, 1-19 vs. Texas A&M

1. Tennessee Volunteers (8-6, 0-2) Last Week: L vs. Ole Miss 92-74, L vs. Alabama 68-65: I do not understand why Martin doesn’t get Stokes more touches, but it’s clearly having a negative impact on the Vols.  Sure they have decent guard play with Golden and McRae but Stokes is a beast.  He can have an impact if he isn’t relegated to garbage duty full time.  Run some plays for the big man.  He can handle it. This Week: 1-15 at Kentucky, 1-19 vs. Mississippi State University

12. LSU Tigers (9-4, 0-2) Last Week: L at Auburn 68-63, L vs. Florida 74-52:  Playing Auburn close and getting waxed by Florida is not an improvement for this squad.  When you can’t score OR defend, and your best post player goes missing in games, you deserve to be where you are.  Fortunately for them, SC and Georgia sort of suck too. This Week: 1-16 vs. South Carolina, 1-19 at Georgia

13. Vanderbilt (6-8, 0-2) Last Week: L vs. Kentucky 60-58, L at Arkansas 56-33: Stallings should send Fox a thank you not for being in the SEC because they’re the only team standing in the way of last place in this Power Ranking.  Their best advantage in any season is that stupid home court.  UK was able to overcome it, barely, but the 33 points scored at Arkansas was abysmal.  Stallings has long been overrated and this season he doesn’t have the pros to cover it up. This Week: 1-15 vs. Ole Miss, 1-19 at South Carolina

14. Georgia Bulldogs (6-9, 0-2) Last Week: L vs. Florida 77-44, L at Mississippi State University 72-61: Aaannndddd we are back to dismal again.  It’s one thing to lose games, but to get demolished is pretty rough.  KCG is their best player and he HAS to be that every game or they will lose by 33 often.  He can’t do it and without more support, Georgia will be here all season.  Mark Fox is running this program to the ground. This Week: 1-16 at Mizzou, 1-19 vs. Auburn


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