Jan 2, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; Louisville Cardinals head coach Charlie Strong talks to his players during their game against the Florida Gators in the first half of the Sugar Bowl at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Big Blue Nation, Pay No Attention to the Cardinals

Things are looking up in Delusionville. The Cardinal football team just scored a big upset in the Sugar Bowl over a traditional SEC power. They are moving to the ACC and their head coach spurned the Tennessee Volunteers in to stay a Cardinal. They also secured a verbal commitment from uber-recruit James Quick.

And what about their basketball team? They are currently ranked #4 in the country, are a season removed from a Final Four and just defeated Kentucky for the first time in five tries, albeit a three point home victory, a win is a win.

It’s all over twitter. It’s all over Facebook. If you live in Louisville, you hear it on the radio, see it on the local news and see it on the billboards as you ride down the expressway. It’s in your face and it’s hard to escape unless you decide to live a life of solitude at the local monastery in Bardstown, Kentucky.

Instead of taking vows and becoming a monk, don’t pay attention to what’s going on at Louisville and focus on what’s going on with your favorite team: the Kentucky Wildcats.

When a Cardinal fan is getting all up in your business about the greatness of Louisville, think about these facts:

  • Kentucky is just nine months removed from their eighth national title. Louisville has been sitting on two since 1986.
  • John Calipari is again building a stunning recruiting class. This one may be his best ever. Hell, it may be the best ever, period.
  • Mark Stoops has taken over a mess that Joker Phillips and company left, but he is bringing in four star JUCO players and four star high school players in order to fix it as soon as possible. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  • The current basketball team is young and improving. They are showing more hustle, more understanding and more heart in every game. SEC play is just now starting and John Calipari thinks that this team hasn’t scratched the surface yet. March is still a ways off and this team has nothing to do but get better for a Final Four run. College basketball has no dominant team, and Kentucky has more talent than most.
  • Our structures aren’t named after fast food companies.
  • We are solidified in a power conference. Louisville was picked up after the ACC was forced to add somebody after one of their members jumped shipped. We aren’t anyone’s leftovers.
  • Kentucky leads in the all time win column against Louisville in both football and basketball.
  • Kentucky basketball is the winning est program in college basketball history.
  • Both football and basketball are on national television a lot more than Louisville football and basketball.
  • Rick Pitino won his only title at Kentucky.

And that’s just a few examples. So be happy with what we have, it’s pretty great. And don’t pay attention to what Louisville fans are saying. They will all be put back in their places soon enough. Karma has an interesting way of making it’s presence known.

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  • tatum

    feel threatened much???

  • http://www.facebook.com/jason.hawkins.77985 Jason Hawkins

    Your buildings don’t have sponsors and they are old and out of date. Be proud of that. Your coach has the reputation as being the dirtiest in college. Be proud of that. The SEC has considered asking you to leave the conf in football. Be proud of that. Your football history contains such great facts, like when your coach was fired for sexually molesting players. Be proud of that. You racked up most of those basketball wins in the weak SEC, under the most renowned racist in the history of college basketball. Be proud of that. Your basketball program is the most sanctioned in history. Be proud of that. Your last title will get vacated, as should all of Cal’s wins. Be proud of that. You are the only basketball team to have to win 2000 games twice. Be proud of that. You make me sick. Be proud of that too.

    • mattie.hamilton

      you tell’m jason.i am so mad i can’t.

  • http://twitter.com/EdNichter Ed Nichter

    You losers haven’t beat Florida in 25 years. Zip it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jdl8410 Josh Lustenberger

    UK football and basketball are both on TV a lot more than Louisville? Are you completely retarded or just mildly retarded? Your athletics department is absolutely miserable. Outdated facilities and everyone living outside of the city of Lexington only religiously supports men’s basketball. You bragged abouy being ranked number 1 in baseball for half of the year last year and then failed to even get past the regional. How hard is it to understand that in the modern era of college supports, Louisville has had more post season success in all sports across the board with the lone exception being men’s basketball?

  • http://twitter.com/Jsspicer02 Shane Spicer

    Sorry to tell you but UK sports are boring…. You play
    basketball in a conference that is probably below CUSA; oh I’m sorry, I forgot
    that your soccer team does play in CUSA (and you finished in fifth place). Now that I think about it, that would be a
    good fit for your football program as well.
    Shoot you might even come in second or third some years, you know with
    all those 3 and 4 star jucos your new coach is picking up. Oh, I could go on and on, but I won’t waste anymore of my time.

  • Prospect Card

    What a LOSER blog, and lies, lies, lies. Can’t even address them all, but your first DELUSION is that you are bringing in 4 star recruits in FB…NOT. 2nd DELUSION is that you are on nat’l tv more than UofL in b’ball…NOT, and you are NEVER on nat’l tv in FB. Your buildings are old and decrepit and you cannot get corporate sponsors, hence NO corporate names on your bldgs….jealous much??? How does it feel to be perennial cellar dwellars in the $ec? Oh, and one of your “prized” FB recruits was just recently arrested and jailed on weapons charges. Hold your heads up high big blew!!!

  • CH

    Funny the “Kentucky” Fried Chicken Co. doesn’t have their name on a
    University of” Kentucky” facility, But are proud to be on the U OF L
    arena!!! Most venues have national sponsor’s e.g. fed x forum,staple
    cnt,Lucas oil, Pesi coliseum,etc… I guess big sponsor don’t want to be
    affiliated with UK corruption!!!

  • Delusional Card Fan

    I’d rather be on national tv once a year beating down Florida than be on it every week getting beat down.

  • Jakob Manor

    You made the same points I expect from a 6th grader. Btw it’s 2013 now. You’re playing real teams an not YMCA of Lexington lol! Get over yourself UK.

  • Raazoul

    LOL these UL fans are hilarious! You’re nobody’s. Get over it. What are morons bragging about? The YUM Center? The one that’s defaulting on it’s loan and you dumbass taxpayers in Jefferson county are stuck with the bill? You call our coach dirty? Dirtier than adultery in a public place on a restaurant table with a disgusting shrew? Dirtier than pulling scholarships from injured players? How does it feel to be a UL ball player, when your University makes more money than any other, but none of you ever get to the NBA? Because your used up coach can’t get the talent and certainly can’t develop it. Rupp Arena doesn’t need some lame ass name to exist, it’s seen more championships since being build than UL has ever seen in its existence…

    • Tristan Conroy

      Can’t develop it? Are you kidding me. Let’s go back 3 years ago. We recruited Russ Smith, who, at the time was not very good, he is now leading Mason Plumlee in the National Player of the Year race. Pitino can’t develop talent? Coach Cal called this the best team he has seen all year, I think that speaks for itself right there. Also, remember Gillespe? What was it, 2 or 3 DUIs? How are your UK players doing in the NBA, alright. But most of them we hear about are being suspended. Rupp Arena is a piece of crap. The YUM! Center will always be superior to anything UK will ever build, along with all of UofL’s facilities (how many national championships as a UK facilitie hosted in the past 5 years? None. UofL: 2). UofL has the best AD in the nation with Tom Jurich, and the best coaches in the nation as well with: Charlie Strong, Rick Pitino, Jeff Walz, Sandy Pearsall, Ken Lolla, need I continue?

    • Jakob Manor

      Someone’s hurt.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tyler.cox.9480 Tyler Cox

    UK is 47th in all time wins… UL is 98th…. Little brother

    • Alex123

      Yeah and UK has played 129 season compared to UofL’s 94 and UofL has a higher winning % and has done more in football than UK. Fiesta, Orange, and Sugar Bowl wins.

      • Bretata 21

        Kentucky is better in basketball more so than Louisville. Most of the time. But if not being as good in one sport makes us little brother, then we’re probably the little brother that ends up being 6’4, 230 lbs as a university as well in at least 10 other sports. And UK is the older brother with little man complex jealous because his little brother surpassed him in everything except basketball. so talk all you want I’m fine being little brother. The only team ranked for UK at the moment is their women’s basketball team. They should be proud.

      • http://www.facebook.com/tyler.cox.9480 Tyler Cox

        Those things happen when you play in the Big East… Lol the Big East… Good conference

    • http://www.facebook.com/jamespershhedges James Persh Hedges

      And all those wins came before black people could play sports. Keep being proud of your raciest tradition. One even Hollywood has exploited.

      • http://www.facebook.com/tyler.cox.9480 Tyler Cox

        You sir, are an idiot…. Is it time for your medication yet?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jamespershhedges James Persh Hedges


  • Hoosier faithful

    As an iu fan this blog make me laugh because Kentucky is always posting stuff about louisville and you never see Louisville fans post stupid blogs like this one…keep your heads cardinal fans i think Kentucky is mad you guys are finally becoming more prestigious than they are (what prestige they had)

  • Class

    I always love the “little brother” comments. U of L is the older school. Only at UK would the younger school be considered the “older” brother. I guess UK doesn’t teach math!