Jan 2, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; Louisville Cardinals head coach Charlie Strong talks to his players during their game against the Florida Gators in the first half of the Sugar Bowl at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Big Blue Nation, Pay No Attention to the Cardinals

Things are looking up in Delusionville. The Cardinal football team just scored a big upset in the Sugar Bowl over a traditional SEC power. They are moving to the ACC and their head coach spurned the Tennessee Volunteers in to stay a Cardinal. They also secured a verbal commitment from uber-recruit James Quick.

And what about their basketball team? They are currently ranked #4 in the country, are a season removed from a Final Four and just defeated Kentucky for the first time in five tries, albeit a three point home victory, a win is a win.

It’s all over twitter. It’s all over Facebook. If you live in Louisville, you hear it on the radio, see it on the local news and see it on the billboards as you ride down the expressway. It’s in your face and it’s hard to escape unless you decide to live a life of solitude at the local monastery in Bardstown, Kentucky.

Instead of taking vows and becoming a monk, don’t pay attention to what’s going on at Louisville and focus on what’s going on with your favorite team: the Kentucky Wildcats.

When a Cardinal fan is getting all up in your business about the greatness of Louisville, think about these facts:

  • Kentucky is just nine months removed from their eighth national title. Louisville has been sitting on two since 1986.
  • John Calipari is again building a stunning recruiting class. This one may be his best ever. Hell, it may be the best ever, period.
  • Mark Stoops has taken over a mess that Joker Phillips and company left, but he is bringing in four star JUCO players and four star high school players in order to fix it as soon as possible. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  • The current basketball team is young and improving. They are showing more hustle, more understanding and more heart in every game. SEC play is just now starting and John Calipari thinks that this team hasn’t scratched the surface yet. March is still a ways off and this team has nothing to do but get better for a Final Four run. College basketball has no dominant team, and Kentucky has more talent than most.
  • Our structures aren’t named after fast food companies.
  • We are solidified in a power conference. Louisville was picked up after the ACC was forced to add somebody after one of their members jumped shipped. We aren’t anyone’s leftovers.
  • Kentucky leads in the all time win column against Louisville in both football and basketball.
  • Kentucky basketball is the winning est program in college basketball history.
  • Both football and basketball are on national television a lot more than Louisville football and basketball.
  • Rick Pitino won his only title at Kentucky.

And that’s just a few examples. So be happy with what we have, it’s pretty great. And don’t pay attention to what Louisville fans are saying. They will all be put back in their places soon enough. Karma has an interesting way of making it’s presence known.

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