Jan 2, 2013; Lexington, KY, USA; Eastern Michigan Eagles forward Jamell Harris (32) and Kentucky Wildcats forward Willie Cauley-Stein (15) dive for a loose ball during the game at Rupp Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky Wildcats: The Big Three

Not to toot my own horn, but I wrote about WCS after the UL loss and how important he is becoming to the success of this team going forward. No, his stats aren’t anything to write home about, but his heart and drive sure are. At the beginning of the season, the guy with the motor, I guessed, was going to be Poythress, but Poythress takes turns vacillating between MKG and the “bad” Terrence Jones. But one thing was evident with the evisceration of Eastern Michigan and that is this: Noel, WCS, and Poythress must start every game from here on out. No matter the outcome of the games. No matter the amount of struggle while they are working out their sets, plays and chemistry. We have our own, veritable “Big 3″ and that is incredible.

Having Wiltjer and Mays coming off the bench was an unexpected tandem of reserves to see but Calipari, apparently, sees the value of building up Post real estate and running the Offense from the inside-out. And the Inside-Out offensive scheme isn’t typical for a Calipari team because his prior stable of stud PG’s were dynamic and creative enough to dictate pace. This team is the exact opposite. Now, don’t get me wrong, Ryan Harrow is the back-court key to the success of this team, but is not widely considered on par with the likes of John Wall, which isn’t a fair comparison but Wall is the standard used by most. So, Harrow is the key that drives the vehicle. Last year, the vehicle was a Ferrari. This year…M1 Abrams.

I am not going to parse stats of Noel, WCS, and Poythress starting together against EMU, but their sheer presence and versatility is unmatched against any team in the country. Of that, there is no debate. Consider the impact Noel had against EMU, yet attempted only 4 shots; or Poythress’s aggressiveness and craftiness around the basket and in the mid-range game; or WCS and his steady, playing within himself, double-double.

Using this line up ensures that our front court plays to their strengths and none bear the full weight of post scoring/defending. It may not look the prettiest, but it is the most effective. By starting those three, the opposing team is automatically set on its heels because they have to play for three different styles of offense and defense with the “Big 3″ all playing together. That’s nearly impossible to contend with. And with WCS hitting his FT’s, his confidence will continue to grow in his game away from the stripe.

As Calipari continues his one-on-one sessions with Poythress and others, this team will hit their stride by their third SEC game so if they are going to go down in the SEC…it better be “quick, fast, and in a hurry like.”

The “Big 3″ eventually worked out OK for the Miami Heat. The “Big 3″ you will likely feast your eyes on for the remainder of the season, the positive returns have been instant and will sustain as the season rolls on.

On, On, U of K.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/dustin.ridener.3 Dustin Ridener

    I think Cauly-stien is an amazimg athlete witn a lot of potential as long as he contimues to get his shots to fall from the line and beyond he will be the MKG that drags our BELOVED CATS much farther than the national media nerds think we are able to and I believe if he will wait on the draft this year and play another year he can become a top five pick maybe even top three. And I really hate seeing Bruce Pearl on tv and especially cant stand hearing him talk about uk but over on Vaughts Views pearl talked about Poythress and brought up a descent poimt, that he didnt play for a big prep school like a lot of top tier recruits in turn keeping gim from playing with guys in his talent level so he was a bit behind the curve for it. I really didnt eer think of that but it makes sence I think after a little rough and tumble play in the first few games in the sec he may burst out of his shell and realize how tough he has to play to keep his team afloat along with the one on ones with Cal. He will get it very soon I really think with him he also would be another that would definetly raise gis stock by staying and winning a title next year it would make them more money and with alex I believe it will help him stay in the league a while longer ad well