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Kentucky Wildcats - Fiscal Cliffs and Famous Cliffs

1,340 meters (.83 miles) is the height of the tallest cliff in the world, the east face of Great Trango in the Karakoram mountains of northern Pakistan. Tonight, the US of A will go over a cliff of its own in the longley debated, highly dreaded Great Fiscal Cliff, as the fancy boys in Washington DC haven’t agreed to lower my taxes or cut any spending so we all get pay the burden.

So in the spirit of cliffs, let’s go over Cliff’s together. Here’s a list on your New Year’s Eve of Cliff’s in Kentucky history.

6. Cliff Dwyer - Dwyer played in one game in his career. He scored no points and did not make the statistical chart.

5. Cliff Fuller - Fuller played in three games in his career. He scored two points and was 1-2 shooting during the 1920-21 season.

4.Cliff Hawkins - During his time at Kentucky (2000-04), Hawkins scored 839 points , collected 468 assists (7th all-time), and 199 steals in 126 games.

3. Cliff Berger - Berger was the 6th man to the famous Rupp’s Runt’s team in his first year at Kentucky (1966), although he only played 257 minutes compared to an average of 1,000 for the starters. Berger would be a leader on the 13-13 ’67 squad but find himself taking a back seat to future Kentucky Hall of Famer’s Mike Casey, Dan Issel, and Mike Pratt in ’68.

2. Cliff Barker - Barker was one of the Fabulous Five and helped lead Kentucky to two NCAA Championships in 1948 and 1949. Barker was an Olympic gold medalist in 1948, served in the military, and played in the NBA.

Barker’s jersey (#23) is one of the 36 players that have been retired.

1. Cliff Hagan - Leading the Wildcats to a National Championship as a sophomore in 1951, Hagan was a rebounding machine. Hagan collected the third most rebounds in a career, gathering 1,035 during his tenure and averaged 13.4 per game, the second highest average in Kentucky history. Hagan is 7th on the all-time scoring average list with 19.2 PPG (1,475 points).

Hagan’s jersey (#6) is one of the 36 players that have been retired.


No stop reading the Internet and go have a great (safe) New Year’s Eve!

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