Dec 4, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Jodie Meeks (20) warms up before a game against the Houston Rockets at Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Former Kentucky Wildcat Jodie Meeks Talks to the WBN

Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Jodie Meeks took some time to speak to Wildcat Blue Nation yesterday.

Daniel Solzman: Thanks for joining Wildcat Blue Nation today. How are things treating you out in Los Angeles?

Jodie Meeks: It’s going well. I think I definitely made a good decision by signing here. I’m looking forward to the upcoming games.

Daniel Solzman: What’s the experience been like this season in Los Angeles compared to Philadelphia??

Jodie Meeks: It’s been a little bit of an adjustment. I think especially with Coach getting fired. It’s kind of like our second or third coach in three months but I think I’m handling it pretty well. I think our team has handled it pretty well. We kind of got off to a rough start but it looks like we’re turning the corner and we’re playing better now.

Daniel Solzman: The Lakers have a few Hall of Famers on the current roster like Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, and maybe even Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol. What has it been like playing with them and has Kobe given you any advice?

Jodie Meeks: Yeah, Kobe’s been a good a mentor. Dwight has been a good mentor. All those guys have just been very encouraging. I think I’m a young player in this league so they try to give me a lot of encouragement. They just try to give me different things to help me out and try to give me any little tips that they may have that they have learned over their careers to help me out and be helpful.

Daniel Solzman: You made the decision to leave Kentucky for the NBA after your junior season. What was the biggest part of that decision and do you have any regrets about leaving UK and not playing your senior season?

Jodie Meeks: I think the biggest part was that I had a historic year. I think nobody averaged 20 in a while before I did and I felt like I had done everything I could do on the college level. I think we would have had a great team if I had came back but I definitely don’t have any regrets because you only have a certain amount of time to play basketball. The earlier you can leave the earlier you can show what you got. I think I made the right decision and it’s worked out for me.

Daniel Solzman: I remember that you broke Dan Issel’s single game scoring record with 54 points against Tennessee. Do you see that record being broken any time soon?

Jodie Meeks: I don’t know. I think records are meant to be broken. It will be a tough record to break but when it does get broken, I think I’ll be happy for whoever has it. Hopefully, student is one I know but if not, hopefully it goes to a good person or player. I’m looking forward to it.

Daniel Solzman: The Lakers are sitting at .500 right now after having a not-so-great preseason. Do you all feel comfortable about getting to the playoffs?

Jodie Meeks: Yeah. I think Mike is cool. We’re taking it one step at a time. I think, right now, our main focus is to get back to .500, which we’ve done but now we need to take it one game at a time. Leading up to the All-Star break, I think we have 13 or 14 games left before that. We want to make the playoffs and want to win the championship but, at the same time, we don’t want to look too far ahead. We don’t want get too anxious and take it one game at a time and get better every day.

Daniel Solzman: Thanks again for joining us. Any final words for Big Blue Nation?

Jodie Meeks: I hope we make it a repeat this year. I know we’re having a rough start like we are as a team for the Lakers but I have got the faith in them that they’ll get it turned around and play well.

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