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Do The Kentucky Wildcats Lead For Julius Randle?

Kentucky’s 2013 recruiting class is already the #1 class in the nation for the fifth year in a row, but if they get any four of the remaining 2013 top 15 players which are Andrew Wiggins who is #1, Julius Randle #3, Aaron Gordon #5, and Dakari Johnson who is #13 they would have the best recruiting class in the history of college basketball. The two names I have heard who are the most likely to sign with Kentucky out of these four are Wiggins and Dakari Johnson; however last week Julius Randle made some pretty interesting remarks at the City Of Palms Classic in Fort Myers, Florida.

Julius was not playing the classic as he is out for the season with a right foot injury, but he did still travel with his Prestonwood Academy team to Florida. Dave Telep from ESPN caught up with Julius Randle after one of the games. Dave asked him about the injury, and how his rehab was going to cure the injury. We all pray for his recovery to 100% because this kid is a monster when healthy. Telep went on to ask Randle about his recrutiment, and one of those questions was “What is your goal for next year when going to college?” Randle responded by saying “I want to win a national title.”  Yes, he still has Florida on his list and if they end up with Randle then they would have a shot at a national title with Chris Walker and Kasey Hill already on board. The next question sent shocks wave through the media world.

Telep’s next question was “Who is the one player if you could pick that you would want to join you next year in Division 1?” His answer was “Well, you know a point guard is really important, so I like Andrew, Andrew Harrison.” One reason why that was such a shock to most people around the situation was because rumors have always been there that said he and the twins don’t like each other. Randle and the Twins have always said that wasn’t true, and they text sometimes. Another reason why is because most people felt like Florida and Texas were leaders for Randle’s services, but this quote by Julius has made everybody rethink their prediction.

Jason Jordan of USA today is very close to the situation, and has actually he said that he thinks Randle will be a Wildcat when this is all said and done. I asked him about what he thought about the statement Julius made about playing with the twins, and he said “Kentucky is in good shape along with Texas and Florida. There is still a ways to go.” All the coaches/fan bases involved and waiting on Randle to make a decision will have to wait for the spring. No signs are pointing any earlier decision for the high school phenom.

I personally think that Kentucky ends up with Dakari Johnson instead of Randle, but that is just because Johnson has family in Lexington and has built a great relationship with the Kentucky coaching staff. Julius has made me believe that Kentucky is in the picture way more than what people thought, and may even be the leader for his services.

Julius Randle list sits at six with Florida, Texas, NC State, Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Kansas. Like I said earlier he will most likely make his college choice in the spring. More importantly lets hope he is 100% healthy before the Mcdonalds All-American game where he can participate in the event, because he more than deserves it.

Check out his mixtape and you can see why he is #2 in the nation. He is a Josh Smith type athlete, and if John Calipari brings him in with the Twins, James Young, Marcus Lee, and possibly #1 Andrew Wiggins can they be beat next year??




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