Kentucky Wildcat Athletics: It's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)

Here we are. 12/21/2012 and it’s the stroke of midnight and I am fully expecting this to be my last transmission. The signs of the end of the world are upon us. Here in sunny Florida, it was in the 80’s on Thursday. And it is supposed to get down to 36 tonight… If this end of the world thing lingers into tonight. I have prepared though. I gassed up my car and took all my money out of the bank and am now sewing 20 dollar bills into a blanket if needed for warmth.

I just lost my power. The conspiracy theorists will say that a drunk hit the power station or another damn squirrel chewed through some wires again. That’s what the power company SAID happened, but we know the truth.

I am prepared for anything. I loaded up enough cases of Chef Boyardee to put me through this nuclear winter and I am in full hurricane preparedness mode. I just watched the 2012 National Title game again … and a thought came upon me. When the next civilization comes across our ruins, they are going to discover that my Kentucky Wildcats are the last national title team in college basketball ever … and that is how it should be.

And I have to admit, being a Kentucky fan, this moment needs to be saved in time. Despite the naysayers, we still are defending national champions and we are on the verge of putting together the best recruiting class in the history of the game. And we have a leg up on 2014 as well. We had the last word on our ancient rivals, the Louisville Cardinals and the Indiana Hoosiers. Not even Tom Crean can clap his way to changing that history.

And if the world does end, that may not be so terrible to go out on top.

And I am pretty giddy about the rest of the UK athletics programs. Even football fans are happy at this point in time. Mark Stoops has excitement at the highest it has been since the LSU win in 2007. And get this. Kentucky football is set to be on the cover of a video game. If that is not a sure sign of the end of the world, I don’t know what is.

But the rest of the UK sports-a-verse is soaring as well. Matthew Mitchell has made me actually care about women basketball and that may be another sign of the apocalypse. And Kentucky baseball is a preseason top ten team.

Wait a minute. Maybe this is not a Mayan conceived plot to end the world but a Louisville-Indiana-Florida-Vanderbilt-Tennessee plot to stop UK dominance? It makes sense. Kentucky is on the verge of full fledged domination in a few years in all sports and while they can not compete with us, they have to end the world?

It makes sense, but such a diabolical plan would involve intelligence … and I don’t see it in those fanbases. OK, it’s the Mayans.

Well, the battery on my laptop is draining. And I am suddenly sleepy from the three cans of Chef Boyardee I just ate. Sleep calls me, but first I am going to read “Bounce Back” in case there is something to bounce back from when I awake. Things are getting crazy, but I did capture video of the impending doom on my cell … and I leave you with this ……

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