WBN SEC Power Rankings: 10/28/2012 Edition

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1. #1 Alabama Crimson Tide (8-0, 5-0)- Prior Rank #1- AJ McCarron, TJ Yeldon and that NFL Defense were more than enough to end MSU’s dream season. This one was never in doubt as McCarron started 6-6 with a 57 yard TD bomb to Kenny Bell. Yeldon provided the first rushing TD of the game. Having Yeldon and Lacy as a 1-2 combo should be illegal, and could be in some leagues but that’s what Nick Saban has always had. Well that and a Defense that could rival NFL teams like, say, the Panthers. With Saban at the helm, and with the improvement of McCarron, there is no doubt we will see this team playing for a National Championship in January 2013. None. At. All. Next Game: at #5 LSU on Saturday, November 3rd @ 8:00 PM

2. #7 Georgia Bulldogs (7-1, 5-1) Prior Rank #5 I was a little hesitant to rank UGA this high because this was “Grown Man football meets a blooper reel” but Jarvis Jones and the Dawgs D would not be denied by their inept Offense. It was a turnover fest from the onset and ultimately it was a turnover by Florida, caused by Jarvis Jones, that sealed the deal. Since coming back from multiple games suspension, Jones has continued to prove why he is among the best in the country from his LB position. He has instincts that are only matched by his freakish athleticism. Aaron Murray finally looked like a capable QB when he a 46 yd TD bomb to Mitchell. Gurley ran like a man against the tough Gator D and with games against Ole Miss and Auburn coming up, they are now all but a lock to meet Alabama for the SEC title. Next Game: vs. Ole Miss on Saturday, November 3rd @ 3:30 PM

3. #5 LSU Tigers (7-1, 3-1) Prior Rank #3- Next Game: vs. #1 Alabama Crimson Tide on Saturday, November 3rd @ 8:00 PM

4. #8 Florida Gators (7-1, 6-1)- Prior Rank #2- This is a tough loss for the Gators. A win today would have basically sealed their match up against Alabama in the SEC Title Game but they didn’t have the goods today. Eventually a lame QB will catch up to you and today was that day for Jeff Driskell. He couldn’t lead their Offense out of a wet paper sack today, as they scored 0 TD’s. Yes, I know UGA has an incredible D, but this Gators squad had higher expectations, coming in at #3 in the country. Next Game: vs. Missouri Tigers on Saturday, November 3rd @ 12:00 PM

5. #11 South Carolina Gamecocks (7-2, 5-2) Prior Rank #6 South Carolina lost SOOOO much more than they won today when Marcus Lattimore went down with another severe knee injury, this time to his left one. When asked about it after the game, Spurrier had the most vague, yet depressing, comment: “He’s going to do wonderful things,” the coach said, while acknowledging, “I don’t know what field of life.” The last part leads me to think this was much worse than even he can recover from. The show of support by both teams for Lattimore was inspiring and the way Jedevean Clowney responded after being handled for most of the game was too. He popped Tyler Bray a couple times, forcing a fumble and sealing the game. Their Offense was moving at will, amassing over 550 yds, and if Clowney plays an entire game like he finished this one, they will see a BCS game. Next Game: BYE

6. #16 Texas A&M Aggies (6-2, 3-2) Prior Rank #7 When you have a QB nicknamed “Johnny Football,” you are likely looking at a positive situation and there is not a more apt name for Johnny Manziel. The kid is a stud who is a legitimate dual threat. Through 2+ quarters, he already had accounted for 350 total yards of Offense and 5 TD’s (2 Passing, 3 Rushing). There is literally nothing this kid can’t do and they’re taking advantage of him. After a sluggish start in the SEC, the Aggies are rolling behind the combination of Manziel, Swope and Michael as their QB, WR, RB deadly combo. Combine that with being well coached and having played in the Big 12, and Auburn didn’t stand a chance. Next Game: at #17 Mississippi State University Bulldogs on Saturday, November 3rd @ 12:00 PM

7. #17 Mississippi State Bulldogs (7-1, 3-1) Prior Rank #4 There comes a time when every good team psyches themselves up enough to think they have a shot against the great teams, and this was that time. Unfortunately they played Alabama, who brings even the great to their knees. Mullen was no match for Saban, nor was Tyler Russell or their Rushing attack for that matter. Bama had too many monsters in the stable and MSU didn’t have enough bullets in the gun. They’re not as bad as Bama made them look. Bama’s just that good. Next Game: vs. #16 Texas A&M Aggies on Saturday, November 3rd @ 12:00 PM

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