Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Don’t Mend Your Heart Just Yet

After the Kentucky Wildcats Loss to the Indiana Hoosiers, the Big Blue Nation’s Broken Hearts Won’t Be Mending Anytime Soon.

I’ll admit it, I completely disengaged from writing about college basketball for the weekend after the Kentucky Wildcats were eliminated by the Indiana Hoosiers. I’m still pretty disheartened that the basketball season is over for the Wildcats. I really felt like they’d pull out the win, but it just wasn’t written in the stars.

The heartbreak is felt deep within the Big Blue Nation. Kids and adults alike are feeling it even today. And sadly they know not to begin the mending process just yet.

Now the time comes where players choose to leave the University of Kentucky and take their career to the next level, putting their name into the NBA Draft. It’s an exciting and depressing feeling for fans when players decide to leave before their for years are up. You can’t help but to be happy for them and wish them the best success, but it’s bittersweet to know you’ll never see them on the floor of Rupp Arena for the Wildcats again.

Many fans of other schools may assume that the Big Blue Nation should be used to this, but they aren’t. The love the Big Blue Nation has for the players, one year or four years, runs deep within them. It’s deep and it’s true.

Big Blue Nation knows not to start the heart mending process yet and are expecting another blow to the heart soon, but they can hold out hope that some players may stay.

Truth be told, I have no idea who I expect to leave. However, I do know that the incoming class, combined with any amount of players who stay are setting the Wildcats up for a bright future next season.