Wildcat Blue Nation Writers Top 25 College Basketball Poll

Dec 26, 2015; Lexington, KY, USA; Kentucky Wildcats bench reacts after a three point shot during the second half against the Louisville Cardinals at Rupp Arena. Kentucky won 75-73. Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports


This is the Wildcat Blue Nation writers top 25 basketball poll for the 2015-2016 season. We still want to do a fan poll as well, we will need more participants, see at the bottom of the post how to contribute. We had our writers from WBN and some friends of the site give us their top 25, and I compiled it together, and I think it’s a fairly accurate representation of this weeks poll.

Here are the participants for our WBN writers poll this week.

Brian Eldridge – Nation of Blue (@BriEldrige)

Jason Marcum – Site manager of A Sea of Blue (@marcum89)

Patrick Loney – Scout.com and AllWildcats.com (@PatrickLoney)

Paul Jordan – Founder of Wildcat Blue Nation (@PJordan_32714)

Terry Brown – Wildcat Blue Nation (@TBrown_80)

Tyler Cox – Wildcat Blue Nation (@bleedkyblue)

And now without any further ado, here is this weeks WBN writers poll:

1. Michigan State(6) – 13-0

2. Kansas – 10-1

3. Oklahoma – 11-0

4. Maryland – 11-1

5. Xavier – 12-0

6. Virginia – 10-1

7. Arizona – 12-1

8. North Carolina – 10-2

9. Butler – 10-1

10. Providence – 12-1

11. Iowa State – 10-1

12. Kentucky – 10-2

13. Miami(FL) – 10-1

14. Purdue – 12-1

15. Duke – 9-2

16. Villanova – 9-2

17. Louisville – 11-2

18. SMU – 11-0

19. West Virginia – 10-1

20. Texas A&M – 9-2

21. South Carolina – 11-0

22. Cincinnati – 10-3

23. Baylor – 9-2

24. George Washington – 10-2

25. Utah – 10-2

Others receiving votes: Gonzaga, Oregon


Hey BBN, we would like to hear from you. Every week from here on out we will be doing a Wildcat Blue Nation writers/friends top 25 poll and a fans poll. So here is where you come in to help. All you have to do every Sunday is email us at wildcatbluenation@gmail.com your top 25. Also, along with the email send us your name and twitter handle if you have one so we can acknowledge you.

I will put the polls up every Monday, so keep an eye out. Make sure that you give us a full 25 teams, and any entries that are completely bogus, for example if your top 5 looks like this:

  1. Holy Cross
  2. High Point
  3. Indiana
  4. Long Beach State
  5. Louisville

We will have to disregard your entry. So, don’t get ridiculous with your rankings, be real about it. Other than that it is your rankings and we’ll take them and put them with our fellow fans and get a general consensus.

Again, every Sunday email wildcatbluenation@gmail.com  your top 25. I will send out a reminder Saturday night to get your rankings in. We will be doing a SEC power rankings once we get into SEC play as well. I will keep you posted when we start doing that. Thank you BBN and we look forward to hearing from you!