Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: True Fans Don’t Root for Rivals

There was an editorial published in The Courier Journal recently that caused a lot of talk.

It also led to some online rants, whether it was on Facebook or Twitter. It wasn’t just that this editorial was written by a professor at the University of Louisville. But what really got me talking was what I saw in some of the comments made by friends.

I’m sorry but you cannot call yourself a true Kentucky Wildcats fan if you also root for the Louisville Cardinals. That’s just the way it is. You have to pick one team. There is no having it both ways. Do you think fans of the North Carolina Tar Heels will root for the Duke Blue Devils outside of the two or three times that they play each other annually? No. The two schools are rivals and, as such, it would be crazy to even fathom the idea!

I don’t use the word “hate” when talking about the Louisville Cardinals. I can’t use that word in my vocabulary when talking about sports teams, not when there is actual hatred going on in this world. Instead, I’ll use loathe or dislike with a passion.

I dislike the Louisville Cardinals with a passion. I wouldn’t cross the street to root for them. Period.

How can somebody truly say that they are fans of both teams except for the one or two days a season that Kentucky and Louisville play each other? I don’t get it. To me, it’s impossible. I don’t care that the two teams play in different conferences. People just don’t root for their rival period.

I’m a St. Louis Cardinals fan. I don’t root for the Chicago Cubs during the season at all. I may want them to win in the month of September but that’s ONLY if it helps the Cardinals in the standings. Baseball is a long season as opposed to college basketball.

Choose one team and stick with it. There’s no choosing two teams. It doesn’t work that way.