Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Selfish or Selfless?

Dec 27, 2014; Louisville, KY, USA; Kentucky Wildcats guard Andrew Harrison (5) looks to pass against Louisville Cardinals guard Chris Jones (3) during the first half at KFC Yum! Center. Kentucky defeated Louisville 58-50. Mandatory Credit: Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

What is the first word that comes to mind when you think about the Kentucky Wildcats Basketball team?

Is is selfish or selfless? Does the team play for themselves or for their team?

I think that’s an easy answer.

It’s easy to see that the Kentucky Wildcats aren’t a team full of selfish players and personalities. There is no envy between players on the bench and players on the court. There is an always a sense of support on that Kentucky bench. They’re all pulling for one another, even when a player is struggling, they’re there to help pick him back up. When watching a game featuring the Kentucky Wildcats, every few plays you’ll see the Wildcat bench jump to it’s feet in excitement for someone on the court. If this were a selfish team, you’d see players sulking on the bench, on a selfless team, you’d see what you see when you watch these Wildcats.

The job John Calipari has done to create the team, full of love, will and strength is miraculous. He’s put 9 McDonalds All-American, plus Willie Cauley-Stein on one team, where only 5 players can play at any given time and created a team full of nothing but support for one another. Every player has a shot at the NBA and they know they’re constantly being watched, in most cases, I’d say that would become a time where players would want to stand out, would want to be seen. Not on the Kentucky Wildcats team. They want their brothers to succeed just as much as they want themselves to succeed. It’s a beautiful scene here in Lexington, and it only seems to be getting brighter.

They are their brothers keepers and they show that every day. No one knows what the future holds for these Wildcats, but if they continue to grow together as a team, a selfless team at that, they’re going to make history. Not only that, they’ll grow into some of the best players college basketball has ever seen, making their NBA dreams even more attainable and likely more successful.