Kentucky Football: The Bell Towles For Patrick, Others Should Stay Ready

As we all know Patrick Towles will be the guy when Kentucky football kicks things off against UT Martin on Sat. August 30.

Now everyone can move on and know what their roles are heading into the season. Towles is the most experienced (19-40, 233 yds, 1 TD 1 INT) and we must use that term loosely. He arrived at Kentucky with a lot of hype, doubts as to whether or not he would live up to it were surfacing. The redshirt sophomore ramped up the work he was putting in.

Now this doesn’t mean that backups Reese Phillips and Drew Barker should hang their heads in any way.

This is the SEC.

Injuries are not wished upon anyone. However, they are a very real part of the game especially at the quarterback position at Kentucky in recent years. Jen Smith of the Lexington Herald-Leader was on the News Sentinel Sports Page with Vince Ferrara today when she delivered the sobering stat that last UK quarterback to play a season from start to fininsh was Andre’ Woodson in 2007. Hopefully the improvements along the offensive line play a hand in increased protection for Towles going forward.

Phillips and Barker need to study as much as possible and soak up as much as possible and balance being supportive of Towles while having that next man up mentality if needed.

Congratulations to Patrick Towles, we all hope he makes the most of his moment to shine and anticipate Barker’s moments when they come down the road as well.