Kentucky Wildcats freshman Julius Randle is a beast

Julius Randle, a freshman for the Kentucky Wildcats, is a beast.
March 30, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; McDonald’s All American forward Julius Randle (30) poses for photos on Media Day for the 36th McDonalds All American Games to be held at the United Center. Image Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports
Whether he will be more special than Anthony Davis, I don’t know. He has received praise from ESPN basketball analyst Seth Greenberg, who said that Randle is “as impressive a freshman I’ve seen since I saw LeBron.” The only problem with that is Lebron James never played a minute of college basketball.

Last month, Greenberg did write on

Randle is the most impressive physical specimen I have seen since LeBron James. At 6-foot-9, 250 pounds, he has both the size and quickness very few possess. He looks to have the intangibles Kentucky was missing last season. I expect him to be the heartbeat of the Wildcats. He has an easy smile that makes his teammates react to him.

Nothing wrong with saying it that way.

In practice right now, Calipari is not playing him as close to the basket. Calipari said yesterday that he is “playing him in a position as though he’s a two or a three.”

Calipari believes that Randle can join the trio of names that include Derrick Rose, John Wall, and Anthony Davis but the Cats have “got guys on our team playing better right now, but he is that good.”

It’s only a matter of time.