Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Two Cats Compared to LeBron James and Dennis Rodman

Today, ESPN Analyst Seth Greenburg went to Twitter and compared Julius Randle to LeBron James.  Here is what Greenburg said:


It sounds as though Greenburg meant to say, Randle is the best player that he has seen out of high school since LeBron (sorry Wiggins fans).  Regardless, it is great to hear that Randle is already getting some big comparisons this early.  With comments such as “If he decides I can get any shot I want, when I want it, there’s no guarding him,” it should make any Kentucky fan excited about the upcoming season.

Another impressive comparison came from coach Cal when he told ABC-36 that he had spoke with Tom Thibodeau, head coach of the Chicago Bulls, about Marcus Lee.  Coach Cal told ABC-36 that Lee resembled a young Dennis Rodman and that Lee could guard any position.  If the comparison of Randle to LeBron James wasn’t enough, a comparison of Lee to Dennis Rodman should be “the icing on the cake” for Cats fans.

Here is the clip of coach Cal’s interview with ABC-36: