Kentucky Football: Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action

There are few better feelings than your favorite college football team going to fall camp. One thing that is better; when they actually take the field. Those 8 months between the national championship and the opening kickoff seem to drag on and on. By the time media days and camp roll around we are soaking in every ounce of coverage on these CFB teams. The problem with this is that it begins to get a bit repetitive. There’s only so many times you can hear “we look better” and “it’s a process” before you start to wonder what does that actually mean in this situation.

With three days until kickoff in Commonwealth, I couldn’t be more ready for less talk and more action. Sure we know Stoops has promised to return us to national prominence. We know that Bud and Z are something for offenses to fear. We know we have more depth in the secondary and at WR. We know we’ll see a lot of freshmen take the field and we know Patrick Towles won the starting job. We also know that after all the talk of last season, we had a record identical to the year before: 2-10.

As a journalist you can only ask the offensive coordinator how the offense looked and the defensive coordinator how the defense looked so many times before it becomes very repetitive. After the first week of practice the players grow eager to play someone other than each other and answers start to become very similar day in and day out.

In the words of the great AI, “We talkin’ bout practice, not a game, but practice”. If you cant tell how tired the players are of interviews, check out this rather hilarious video of safety AJ Stamps after practice today.


We have heard all preseason that the running backs look great, the receivers have depth, it’s a more experienced O-line, the secondary looks better than at any point last season and we have quarterback. Like Stoops has said time after time, coaches are judged on wins and losses. While I could see improvement last season over the previous year, it means nothing in the history books of NCAA football if the record doesn’t show it. I picked this year’s squad to win four, maybe five games, one being this weekend. Hopefully we’ll see all that talk turn into action out on the field. The BBN has heard the talk, bought in to the new program, its time for the action.

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