25 Days To Kentucky Wildcats Football: Steve Spurrier Finally Goes Down

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With another Kentucky Wildcats football season upon us, the staff at Wildcat Blue Nation are digging into their memory banks and recounting our favorite moments in Wildcat football. Over the next month, we will be looking at these games and sharing our thoughts and memories on them. It’s not a countdown, but a look back at what has made Wildcats football important to us and what stood out. Hopefully Mark Stoops and his staff will be able to add a few more special moments this upcoming season.


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As I’ve stated previously in this countdown to the start of Kentucky Wildcats football, I was born and raised in the state of Ohio. This means that the “tradition of winning football” has always been around me, despite the fact that I despise Ohio State in every sense of the word. My dad was born and raised in a small Kentucky town, where he was taught the right was to bleed (blue of course). When he moved to Ohio, met my mom, and had me, this was a natural lesson that was easily passed down to me. It’s how my Kentucky fandom began. It is this reason that seeing Kentucky struggle in football is hard for me to watch.

Now, as all Wildcat fans know, there are many a streak that Kentucky has been on the wrong end of. The terrible losing streak to Tennessee that ended back in 2012, the continuing losing streak against those awful Florida Gators, etc. However, there was one streak that wasn’t attributed to a single team. No, this streak was even more personal. It was the 0-17 record that the Kentucky Wildcats had against Steve Spurrier for the duration of his career. This streak spread across two different SEC schools, in Florida and South Carolina, and was one that had some bad blood.

Steve Spurrier was known for running the score up on Kentucky, and anyone else he could. This is something that doesn’t sit well with the kind people of Kentucky, as it shows no sportsmanship whatsoever. For this reason, I strongly disliked Spurrier in every aspect and wanted to see my beloved Wildcats beat him more than anything. Little did I know, this would be a gift to me my freshman year at UK. I was lucky enough to be sitting in the stands, cheering along as a member of the Wildcat Marching Band, when that fateful day in 2010 came to Commonwealth Stadium.

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