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27 Days To Kickoff: UK vs #1 LSU 2007



It looked like the #1 ranked LSU Tigers had it in the bag when they had a 27-14 lead over the #17 ranked Kentucky Wildcats late in the fourth quarter.

But in 3 overtimes, the Wildcats came out with the 43-37 victory, being the first win over the number one ranked team since 1964. This is one of the games during the Rich Brooks Era that put the Wildcats on the map for future recruits.

In third overtime, Andre Woodson connected a pass to Stevie Johnson, although unable to connect the 2 point conversion, it was irrelevant, maybe not then, but now. After the Johnson touchdown, LSU had another chance to answer and win the game with a touchdown and being able to get the two point conversion. If that had happened, I wouldn’t be writing this article.

When it’s was LSU’s chance to respond, running the ball all four times, they were unable to reach the end zone and it was over.

Fans stormed the field to celebrate the Wildcats impressive win over the strong LSU squad. This was the Tigers first loss since the 2006 season to the University of Florida.

The Wildcats had only lost one game prior to the LSU game, one at South Carolina. With that and the fact that they were ranked it is easy to see this was one of the best seasons for the University of Kentucky Football program.

This game also set a Commonwealth Stadium record for the Wildcats as they won 8 straight home games. Along with that, the Wildcats were 2-1 against ranked teams for the first time since 1977.

Field storming, field goal hanging and screaming fans. It’s easy to see why the 2007 game between The LSU Tigers and the Kentucky Wildcats will be etched into my brain as a favorite memory for UK Football. Let’s make a few memories this year!

August 30th at Commonwealth Stadium, be there or be square.

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