Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Recruiting: Tony Barbee will play role in success of recruiting

News broke late Thursday night that former Auburn Coach Tony Barbee would be replacing Rod Strickland on John Calipari’s staff this upcoming season. Barbee played under Cal at UMASS, and has always been one of Calipari’s favorite people, and most thought he would get the assistant coach job that Slice got.

Barbee’s actual role for Kentucky will be director of basketball operations, and comes at a salary around 150-200k a year based on Rod Stricklands number.

Now, since I cover Kentucky Basketball recruiting I was thinking about what this means for the recruiting part, and I do think this helps with recruiting some what. Barbee didn’t get any great players at Auburn, but who does at Auburn?

This is Kentucky, and I expect him to play a vital role in recruiting. John Calipari usually doesn’t take the full staff to visits, but I could see him taking Slice, and Barbee along with Payne to a lot of his visits.

Barbee seems like a very caring coach, and was treated very wrong at the end of his tenure with Auburn. They made him take a bus back after they got beat in the SEC Tournament by South Carolina.

I am cheering for the guy, and was very excited when I heard the news on Thursday. I don’t expect him to here long as he will be back into coaching very soon, and likely a head coach.

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