Kentucky Wildcats lose a legend in Wah Wah Jones

With the news coming yesterday that Wallace “Wah Wah” Jones passed away at the age of 88, the Kentucky Wildcats have lost a legend.

With his passing, The Courier-Journal re-ran an article from 2003 on the late Kentucky star.

He is the only UK athlete with a retired jersey (No. 27) in both sports. He was a basketball All-American in 1949. He played on UK’s “Fabulous Five” in 1948, picking up an NCAA championship and an Olympic gold medal.

On top of that, Jones was the only player listed in both basketball and football when the Southeastern Conference unveiled legends in both sports.

From what Oscar Combs was saying this morning during the Leach Report, it’s very well possible that Jones may have run track as well. However, the media guide for track does not go that far back.

As years pass, it’s important that we remember the names of those players who helped build the Kentucky Wildcats program into what it is today. Without the likes of them, the Kentucky program does not become a destination program for players or coaches.

Without the Fab Five of 1948 winning the NCAA Championship and giving Coach Adolph Rupp the first of several NCAA championship, there’s no telling what the program would look like today.

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